TribeSteemUp Question: Do You Believe That There Is Inherent Order In Nature Or Is It All Chaos And Chance?

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TribeSteemUp Question: Do You Believe That There Is Inherent Order In Nature Or Is It All Chaos And Chance?


This is actually a question about wether the reigning system in nature is masculine or feminine.
Masculine representing yang energies and order and feminine representing yin energies and chaos.

I see both chaos and order in nature. For example plants grow according to a plan of certain needed factors like temperature, moisture, space, nutrients, light, oxygen. There is a definite order in there. It's like their set of rules that come with the blueprint of their kind. Like daisies have a different set of rules/blueprint then dandelions.

But none of the growth according to whichever carefully organised blueprint is possible without 'life force energy/shakti' And that is something that I would say doesn't even come from chaos, but is chaos itself.
It's like with the wind, it's total chaos, you can't control it or make it come at will, you can only set your sails the right way and create the conditions so that you will have the most benefit of it when it does come.
But when it decides to rage and make a storm you can have your sails put just the right way, but sometimes you can't really do anything to keep the mast from breaking. Chaos.

Life force is chaos both when it facilitates growth and when it breaks things down. It is a little harder to see that it is chaotic when it is facilitating growth of for example plants because it seems to be following the rules. But don't be mistaking, it may work together with the masculine qualities of order when the time is right for that. But a time will come when those rules are followed no longer and decay takes over. This in a way is also dictated by the blueprint of the plant. Certain conditions aren't right for the plant anymore or it has lived it's lifespan. But non the less the death proces of life/the life force energy takes over. And it does not follow rules nicely, it makes things look ugly and it makes things smell bad while all of the structure/order is broken down to be taken back in to the cycle of life.

Both forces are needed. Only order/structure is just an empty shell and too much of it blocks the life force from flowing.
Only chaos cannot manifest itself to be seen, heard, touched etc and too much of it makes things spin out of control.
I think all of life is made up of the two. So there you have it.

What are your thoughts on this?

I'd like to read them in the comments.

Love Clara @wombloom


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