Spring is closing in...

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Hi all,

It's here, it's really here, undeniably...
Despite a few lost and hopefully last flakes of snow this weekend, buds are opening, leaves are forcing their way out of them to meet the sun. The world is slowly but surely getting colour again and it is marvellous! Winter is officially OVER!!!!
Phew, wasn't entirely sure I was going to make it this time.
But here I am!


What's more I went outside without socks today! Yay! 😃
Had a wonderful chat with myself in the sun while the tree I leaned against was listening patiently. Found the shell of a beechnut and it fit right on my finger.



And it came to me that his must be the oldest thimble model there is. A historical anthropological discovery really 😉.

Did my income tax for the whole of last year much faster then I thought I would, which was great because I took the day off for that and having my period I felt I was entitled to enjoy the extra time taking it easy.

The nature witch that I am I watered some of my plants and the earth with the blood from my womb and felt happy with that. Giving back some life force energy in the form of my moon blood makes me feel connected to the cycle of nature.

It's around eight in the evening now and as the light is slowly losing it's brightness, birds are singing with extra passion, because they know they can't in the dark so they have to get it all out of their system now, till morning...

I think I'll go to bed not long after they do, today.

How was your day?

Love Clara @wombloom


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