lessons from the dandelion

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Not kidding: A few days ago, I found myself crying in my bed because I realised all of a sudden that I had been resenting and fighting something I actually really love: The dandelion.

nature-plant-dandelion-flower-petal-spring-1392857-pxhere.com (1).jpg

It brought up quite some emotions as I also became aware that my resentment towards this radiant, yellow wild flower wasn't actually really mine, but passed on to me by the many people who tried to shame, warn and worry me about the many yellow flowers in my garden that are like tiny little suns lighting up my lawn, turning in to magical fluffy spheres, procreating like nothing else and giving free food and medicine.


Sounds like the Sacred Feminine doesn't it? Can't kill it, it'll always come back tenfold, keeps on giving joy and nourishment and has developed survival features that are no less that amazing.

I mean did you take a look at one of the hundreds of seeds of the fluffy sphere, that can pop open, out of a seemingly dead flower-bud any time of day? The shape of the seed is an ingenious vehicle for flight, and can take the seed anywhere the wind goes.


So I guess that's why I was crying because I realised I din't want to suppress these expressions of the sacred feminine in my garden anymore in the shape of hundreds of happy yellow faces smiling up at me, or pretend I dislike it. I actually felt relieved.

No more fighting what I love.

How on earth did I let myself be convinced that these flowers were a nuisance instead of a marvel and a blessing. 'But it's a weed!' Well, if this is a weed, then so am I, AND proud of it! 😉 ( But seriously...)

Love Clara

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