I made my own ( barefoot) shoes!

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I made my own shoes!


I wanted to try making this shoe model I saw somewhere, which I liked and wanted to eventually make of a piece of sheepskin with fur on them as winter boots. I found a piece of turquoise color leather that I had lying around for years and started my project curious to see what it would amount to.

Basically, I taped in my own foot while wearing an old sock:


I drew the model of the shoe I wanted on it with a normal marker and cut it out:


Then I decided where to cut the shoe model to get it to be flat so I could draw the outlines on a piece of leather.
I skipped taking a picture of that as I didn't want to just give away the pattern for the shoe model I figured out by looking at someones skilfully handmade shoes and ruin their business. But I'm sure you could figure out how to make a model of the shoes you like by drawing it on your taped up sockfoot.

It was a lot of trying out which took quite a bit of time, pleasantly spent time though...Like better than Netflix, or even while netflixing ;-)


After like two full working days I had my own very first pair of home made shoes!

IMG_1572 2.JPG

Side view:

A view of the back:


Souls made out of bicycle tires stuck on in three stages with E6000 glue:


I am happy with how they turned out and feeling rather proud!

I hope this inspired you to be crafty! :-)

Lots of sunny Love

Clara @Wombloom


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It's great.... I find the diy appealing

Thanks joshkg!

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this are great @wombloom, how are you doing? it has been a whhile since we heard from you.
and yes please do use the creativecoin tag when you are posting creative content xxx

Thanks! Ok, will do. I'm ok and how are you?