Free guided meditation: The tree/cosmic parents, for support.

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Today I wanted to share with you a meditation designed by Phylis Krystal, called 'The tree' as I am benefitting from it myself. It gives you a chance to find your inner leaning post and to nourish yourself with gifts like acceptance and unconditional love your earthly parents could never give you. I spoke it for you so that you wouldn't have to read while doing the meditation. I hope it's not too loud as I was trying to be audible despite the music I had playing in the background on a different track before I erased that. I preferred it without the music, but it's a little loud and articulated like this. Alas, now you can play your own music in the background and it'll be loud enough ;-)

I hope you enjoy it:

Love Clara @wombloom


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Thank you so much for this! I feel full of energy and love now! :) <3

Oh Yay! I 'm so happy to hear that! You're welcome! Yes, I love to do this meditation too. It's really precious to be able to receive from the cosmic parents what you have been lacking and feel the support of the tree. You could probably download it as an mp3 on your computer of you like to do it more often. Love Clara