CRAZY GOOD!!!: My new vegetarian black bean burger recipe.

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Been practicing both my black bean burger recipe and my handwritten brush letters.

The burger is so good, I'd choose it over meat. The sundried tomatoes in there give it some real depth and the cheese gives it an amazingly sumptuous texture. Beetroot, yeast flakes and the minced beef spices add to the meatlike flavour. And what I didn't expect is that it also got kind of crunchy when frying the patty up, which gave it an extra yum.
It's just turned out delicious and I invite you to try the recipe.


Hope you enjoy!
Tell me in the comments how your burger tasted if you decide to make it.

P.S. Oh yeah, and what do you think of my brush letters?

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Love Clara @wombloom


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Hope to see you soon again!

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Looks tasty!
You have a beautiful handwriting!

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Thanks so much! :-)

We eat bucketloads of black beans and soooo easy to cook yourself in a slow cooker rather than resorting to a can. I cook up a potful overnight about once a week and use them for all sorts of things... they keep fine under their cooking water in the fridge. 😊 Really enjoyed your brush letters... a lovely touch.

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Hi, good idea to do it in the slow cooker, only...I don't have one... ;-)

This looks delicious! My suggested beer pairing is a Lager. Try it out and let us know what you think!


Thanks! I 'm not so much in to beer, sorry :-)