Confession: True arrogance

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Did you ever notice, it's never the really smart people that think they are smarter than you and try to make you feel dumb and less gifted then they are?
It's usually the narrow minded/much less smart and/or inexperienced ones who do this kind of thing. I used to be so insecure that I would buy it from anyone when they would try to tell me that I did or asked something dumb.
But lately, since a year or so, I had an epiphany; I'm not so dumb after all, I am actually quite smart!
So whenever I get the feeling of insecurity starting to nibble at my heart when ever someone talks down to me, I take a good look at the person who thinks I'm stupid and most often have to conclude that they are, not me. But I am so smart not to tell them because I have no faith in their ability to comprehend. Hahaha! How arrogant is that?


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I am smart for myself: Clara @wombloom


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One of my favorite quips in German:
Früher war ich noch arrogant,
heute weiß ich, dass ich gut bin. 😂

I used to be arrogant,
nowadays I know that I´m good.



Arrogance is a very ugly trait. Love that saying @likedeeler!!!

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Are you calling me ugly??? 😉 😂


Haha NOOOOOO ... you yourself suggested it wasnt the best trait! I would suggest you are feeling self confidence and a refusal to feel inferior, despite the arrogance of OTHERS... xx


Yes, self confidence, which some people would call arrogance but we all need a little bit of that kind of arrogance. <3