Endless Wars - Protests - Solution

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What can the people do when their Government refuses to listen, when they take to the streets to protest only to be called "a fluctuation in the public opinion polls" and dismissed. What can the people do if their Government doesn't represent their wishes but carries on an agenda that's contrary to the best interests and well being of us all?

This is a collection of images and clips that came to mind in an effort to point out a simple truth, the Government is NOT going to stop making war as long as they have enough volunteers. The general public will not have a choice, there is no recourse against this monster that Government has become. A redress of grievances is doomed to failure, it's been tried but the ruling is they don't have to answer, we just get to file it. So much for following the Constitution, obeying the rule of law but the rule of force is a different story, no such compulsions there.

And we thought violence was only justified in self-defense, isn't that what we're taught? Then, we put on a uniform and every moral value we held gets replaced with a centralized conscience. Do not question orders, your blind obedience is required because if you stopped and actually thought about what you're being told to do, you wouldn't do it if you had any empathy to begin with.


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