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RE: Bringing the soil back to life with microbes: You've got to see this!! Desert to diversity in one season.

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Wow! That really is amazing!! Nature really does know how to handle herself, if only we humans would quit trying to interfere :)

Folks, we can rebuild our food systems and our environment from the ground up.

So true and mind-blowing when you think of it!!

I found your post because @thelaundrylady featured you in thedarkhorse's pay it forward contest :)


Thank you for visiting my nominees. Really appreciate what you guys are doing! Upvoted your comment with 100% power from me.

Thank you @thelaundrylady! You were my choice for the week too :)

I saw! Thank you so much!

I know it's crazy .. just put the elements together and let things take care of themselves!

I wonder when everyone will realize that they should stop trying to control nature and just her take care of herself. She's been doing it for a while I think ;)