I'm A Legal Card Carrying... Cannabis Grower

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My original tent for the mother cannabis plants.

After some discussion, planning and figuring out scheduling; Mr Golden D has talked me into a few advancements with the grow tent and product inside.

Currently we have four mother plants in the tall grow tent (seen in the picture) in their flowering stage and six clones in a smaller tent in their vegetation tent. These are NOT my plants; I am only growing for another person who doesn't have the time or gardening knowledge or patience.

The first step in this advancement of the grow tent dealings was to officially get my own MMP card (Medical Marihuana Program Card) in my state. Currently medical use is legal, with the recreational proposal being on the November 2018 ballot. Not sure how the changes will be if passed; with the exception of recreational dispensaries and sellers/businesses will have to pay an additional 10-percent excise tax (just like on liquor) on top of the already 6-percent state sales tax.

For all the information about the MMP laws in my state, see here. I am, by state law, allowed to have up to 12 total plants; whether clones, full plants in veg or flowering process; and up to 2.5-ounces of actual product in my possession. Currently I have ten plants/clones and no actual product on hand.

I have an auto-immune disease that causes severe nausea and vertigo so the doctor didn't even question my reason after reading my medical papers and questionnaire. The card is good for two years, with a follow-up visit in one year and cost me a total of $135/USD ($75 for the doctor and physical and $60 to the state to issue the card itself).

My Current Set Up

A Peak Into My Small (32x32x60) Grow Tent

Right now this tent is the residence of the clones, but will in the future be the drying and curing tent. Since it is the smallest tent we have and tucked out of the way in a closet, it's the perfect place for curing; as curing needs to be a slightly darkened area where you want to store jars. We have an upper shelf (outside of the grow tent) where these jars can be placed during the curing process.

Right now the large tent (32x32x84) is housing the plants in the flowering stage. I know it can hold six large plants in 5-gallon buckets perfectly; but no more than that. There are four in there now but the last crop I had of Sour Diesel had six plants.

So What's The Plan, Ma'am?


We will be purchasing this double wide grow tent for the clones and vegetation stages. While it is one large area (96x48x80) and I wish it were divided into two separate sections, it does accommodate what I have in mind. I can have 12 plants and clones (inside 5-gallon buckets) in here VERY comfortably; with some space for nutrients, the thermometer, fan for circulation and other necessities needed.

The large tent (which is housing the mother plants in the flowering stage) will remain the same. It will have up to six full grown cannabis plants housed inside; as I only want a maximum of six plants ready for trimming and harvesting at once. I think right now having more than the six I am figuring would be too much for me to handle when it comes time to trim.

I have NEVER trimmed plants before but will be learning. I will need to have my OCD in high gear while doing this chore as I want it to be perfect because we are planning on selling most of it to local dispensaries (closest dispensary is about an hour and half drive from us).

My ultimate goal in this venture is to have a continuous rotation of plants from cloning to vegetation to flowering then off to drying and curing.

The way I have scheduled, and carefully planned out, the process is that I will be cloning a new crop every five weeks to keep the rotation schedule going and to make sure I have four to six plants being harvested every 5-6 weeks.

When I went to get my MMP card over the weekend, I discussed with the dispensary management about the possibility of being a repeat grower for them. They, of course, need to see the product and test it for THC levels to determine the amount they would and could pay for the supply.

So over the next month I will be adding the new grow tent, seeking new strains that I may want to attempt to grow, keeping in touch with the dispensary people and heading off to the hydroponics garden store for more nutrients and supplies.

To purchase EVERYTHING we will need to start this, I will need the following:

  • Double wide grow tent - approx $175/USD
  • More 5-gallon buckets (12) $40/USD
  • More nutrients and supplies from hydroponic store $100/USD
  • Room darkening shades and curtains for the windows $50/USD
  • Optional- new strain seeds approx $50-$75/USD

So for about $500/USD I can get this new business started.
I already have the extra light fixture with extra bulbs, three bags of coco coir soil and miscellaneous items needed.

Wish me luck!


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A bigger tent will do u good, i didnt see your air flow?


It's actually on the side you can't see to the left through the two side socks. When I have the tents set up in the new room, I'll make sure to post all sides

Oh and goodluck!


Thank you!