The "war" day 2...

in tribesteemup •  4 months ago

This is the most granola war ever.

Honestly @kennyskitchen threw down a comment. And I replied.

So... Not a single flag has been thrown.. 0% vote is still a vote. It's positive.

Same on my side.

But here now... Let's both sit together and talk. I'm open to hearing and respecting an opinion. And willing to keep an open mind. Especially if my opinion is respected.

So... No labels. And sharing some information. Let's change the world? Bet we can start here.

So I appreciate the de-escalation. Thank you Kenny.

And I hope that when we talk my views can be respected.

Isn't that what things should be?

So. I'm game. And interested in the forging of some trust between us.

And I've really been guilty of trusting too much. And giving away help when I could just be focused on myself.

But that's not me. Every vote is a blessing...

And maybe one day me and dog can have stability.

But hey I still haven't cashed out... And have helped at the price of getting rewards.

Well hope people read and comment. Thanks for your time.

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I wrote a massive 2-part research paper, you came in and left an inconsiderate comment (only part of which was related at all), I responded in not the most compassionate way (though honestly, without any personal attacks, and nothing remotely resembling a "war"), and you went off the rails. Own your actions, and stop trying to play a victim by sharing just your version of what happened while conveniently not sharing any of the rest of the story.