The TribeSteemUp Community Is Adopting The 1UP Curation System

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About half a year ago I created the idea of the 1UP hivemind solution to reward quality posts with the Proof-of-Brain of the masses. The problem with the Steem system is that Proof-of-Stake requires the user to have Steem Power to make a difference with their vote. using the 1UP system overcomes that hurdle by giving everyone the same voice and let the community decide what deserves more attention and upvotes.

With the help of @stoodkev we build this system for the platform. We started there because they offer a whale upvote which made the trail super profitable. But it was optimized for this niche platform and not open to the all Steemians. This is going to change with 1UP 2.0 and the new open community system.

With the help of @kennyskitchen we can make sure that the @tribesteemup community will demonstrate the mighty power of what 1UP can do to the Steem blockchain. I honestly believe that we are creating the most effective curation system ever developed on Steem.

For more information about 1UP see my latest 1UP update:

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I watch it twice but still have question marks. Do you have written explanation, or maybe intend to do one? That will be ok.

Yes, 1UP is not an easy thing to understand because it incorporates so many things of the Steem blockchain that many people have never heard about. Please check out my latest blog update for 1UP including all the previous links:

Ok thanks. I will dig into it :)

This sounds like a great experiment to do with the 50K delegation; looking forward to it!

Will delegate what comes in to this new 1UP account for TSU.

Steem needs to get more activity and things like 1UP, being structured like contests or bounties, produce more activity than they need to reward. But end up rewarding approximately everybody. The result is disproportionately more activity. Than if the stakes were the same but the activity was unorganized.

A greater activity might be a nice side-effect of 1UP. Because people would want to get the juicy 1UP trail on their posts and they work to make their posts even greater than before to stick out of the community. It could start a race to quality. :)

@flauwy we love this concept and can’t wait to try it out!! We might need a little help getting it set up :)

When the development is done it will be very easy to use. But we need a few weeks to get it right.

this sounds like a really cool curation idea to keep spreading the abundance and master minding the nature of the steemit ecosystem. great thinking; i'm really intrigued by this concept. please keep us posted as it's developed for tribesteemup :D

Yeah, I have never seen anything like that from anybody else for Steem. I hope this will become a use-case where we proof how effective this can actually work.

If this curation system is like this then I think it is very good, as you understand it, the matter is clear

Cool, I am glad I was able to make this understandable. I know 1UP can be very confusing but it is actually a well though through concept that can revolutionaize the communities.

I am not very technical minded but I believe I understand it, that all involved are really earning equally, it is a very impressive system you have created, look forward to seeing it in action, well done @flauwy

Quality is what we aim for with this system. :)

This is great news @flauwy! Atlast after months. I will check @tribesteemup. Thank you for this update @flauwy!😊❤

Helpful video.Thanks for sharing with us

The 1up plan sounds like a good one, I'm looking forward to learning more and testing it out. Thank you 😀

great post,my dear friend @flauwy,i like this post all time,thanks for share,

Sounds like a really well thought out concept. We are interested to see how it actually functions. -Aimee

Now that's an incredible way to empower anyone that's awesome idea with 1UP Curation System

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Sounds like a very impressive system! Thanks for thinking of the collective. xo

A great project, thank you for sharing this information. I would like to ask how to be able to join your tribesteemup community.

I found this article useful for me. Am still learning about the information. thanks for sharing this wonderful experience.

Exciting stuff