What Esoteric Means to Me & How it Has Influenced My Life: Esoteric Content Contest Entry (1UP Fundraiser) & A TribeSteemUp Question

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#Esoteric is world I associate with the occult, and ancient wisdom/practices that are kept in the shadows for protection against powerful, tyrannical forces that control the masses, and also so only the worthy can understand and have access to them.

Art by Alex Grey - Image Source

I have had many profound and enlightening experiences in my lifetime that I would consider esoteric, and probably have over a hundred stories stored away in my memory bank. For this weeks answer to the @TribeSteemUp question, and my official entry into @eftnow's #esoteric Content Contest (1UP Fundraiser), I have created this video where I tell the story of my first experience with LSD, one of the most profound on-the-spot #esoteric rituals I have ever been blessed with. I also explain a little about what the word esoteric translates to in my mind.

Please enjoy the following extended #esoteric video by @ELAmental. Click pic below to play:

In the video, I forgot to mention that I privately blessed the doses with positive intentions. I asked the universe to bless me with cerebral abilities, that will help heal humanity, and the Earth. I did this before taking them and embarking on our glorious journey through nature. I felt like I was re-born when I emerged from the water in the lake.

I also forgot to mention that I held that Sassafras leaf that my buddy handed to me when we were in the woods ALL DAY. That is why to this day, most of my friends refer to me as Sassafras, or simply just Sass. The video explains more about how the name came to be.


Another thing I consider to be extremely esoteric is the conscious Hip-Hop music I create, and especially the emcee logo I designed for myself (also my Steemit symbol). If you do not already know, my @ELAmental emcee logo originated from a sketch I drew a couple years ago, and was then digitized into the logo you see before you by the ever so cleaver Steemit graphic designer baa.steemit. This is a GIF Image that includes all the current color variants of my symbol (TM - claimed as my mark):


As stated in the video, my #esoteric lifestyle also includes raising and consuming cannabis plants. If you follow my blog then you have seen the amazing projects I have and still am working on. This is just a small, snapshot into the divine plant medicine I create (pictured below):

Careful for my kitty cat, her cuteness is known to cause cuddling. Her name is Shorty, and her #esoteric powers are formidable.

Original photo by @ELAmental

"Cats were the most respected animals to Ancient Egyptians and they were often connected to gods and goddesses" (1).

Cats are guardians of the underworld in Egyptian mythology. To me, there are few animals on this planet more #esoteric than the cat. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a cat? I believe those vertical slits in their pupils allows them to perceive other dimensions that we cannot. I have a theory that they can see into the spirit realm, and for them, there is no distinction between the land of the living, and the land of the dead. Those lines have been blurred with their vision.

I hope you have enjoyed my take on what #esoteric means to me, the story of my profound esoteric trip at Barefoot Festival 3, and the dream synchronicity in the video.

Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies.



  1. Hill, Jenny. “Cats in Ancient Egypt.” Ancient Egypt Online:. J Hill 2010, n.d. Web. 24 Mar. 2014.


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Also do not forget that my debut conscious (esoteric) Hip-Hop album is completely free for download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud (click the links to go to my music on those platforms), or CLICK HERE for download instructions.


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Nice video, man! I loved the story about the mountain and the trees. So beautiful. The clouds are epic, you magician. In regards to dreams: I barely ever remember my dreams after smoking. Is that the same for you?


I also rarely remember my dreams, but the one referenced here came through vividly, and honestly made me much more cautious. I do sometimes dreamscape however, I seem to only remember them when it is extremely important in some way.

Absolutely fascinating video @elamental! I love the way that you wove your personal experiences in with your knowledge of the wider subjects and I also loved the story of your magical day with the LSD and clouds.

I agree that psychedelics open incredible gateways in reality and can give opportunities for profound shifts, especially when well integrated into your life afterwards.


I agree, unfortunatly I have not been able to have these kinds of experiences recently (in the past 6 years). These days it brings me way too much inside my head, and makes me very uncomfortable and anxious, the opposite of how these things used to affect me. However I do look forward to the day when I can achieve these experiences in a positive manor again.

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nice to see you to see you!!! nice! great vid and well said!

i just love your explanation about cats.. spot on! I always have a few cats around, and there arent words really.. what blissful angels they are! Thanks for sharing your esoteric knowledge on them..

<3 x


I was happy to, and I am glad you enjoyed my take on this.