What is the best way to move forward when faced with dissent within your community @tribesteemup QOTW

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This week the @TribeSteemUp biweekly question is:

What is the best way to move forward when faced with Dissension within your Community?

My answer:

Within the one and only Truth, that being that we are eternally creating endless expressions of the One Light we are (=Love), we are each experiencing our very individualized sense of Love and Truth which in itself is never stagnant but always shifting within the frame of how we want to experience ourselves at that moment. No Soul's personal Truth is more or less "real" than another Soul's personal Truth nor is any of them more or less worth to be experienced. Any personal Truth our Soul wants to experience is a temporary illusion, and therefore unreal. That being said, we are eternally dreaming our self-expression and as such there are no "real" consequences once we wake up from our "dream of dreaming Separation".

Those with the strongest visions are those who influence the collective most effectively. As their vision/choice gets clearer and clearer it gains momentum, and more and more like-minded thinkers and believers find together so that the vision/choice manifests quicker, and at some point a certain threshold has been reached where a huge leap in the physical takes place, like building tension and finally the big release.Those without a strong vision/choice ( the predominant part of Earth inhabitants, with all due respect without judgment :)) then simply go with the flow and accept the vision of others and live the vision/choice of others, and literally live in the dream dreamt by somebody else.

Yet even once like-minded thinkers and believers have gathered, very same clash of visions/choices will continue forward. It is like people have decided to embark on the same ship, and from that moment onward the direction has to be set anew. We might say.“ We are all heading toward Love and Light“, yet which exact route stirs us toward that Destiny might be seen differently.

So when are being faced with dissent within our community we first and foremost should recognize that we are basically having different perspectives, none of which is inherently better or worse, just a choice of self-experience, hence a sign of the freedom of choice we have. When we realize so, dissent is possible without any sense of dualistic judgement. It is in this „Zero Point state“ where the most fruitful and harmonious collective solutions will be found. Yes, some might choose to disembark on the ship and choose another ship, but this very choice won’t be made from a position of dualistic judgement but from the recognition that choices of self-expression are merely bifurcating so that gratitude for all that which has been given will prevail, allowing for inner peaceful marching into the future instead of harboring resentful memory toward the past.

Much Love and Light,


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Fascinating way of looking at it. I also see perspective as being a better descriptive for what separates people than anything else. We have different beliefs mostly because we have different perspectives, which therefore give us lives which actually teach different truths. When we are in sync with a group of people for a while, how lucky.

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"When we are in sync with a group of people for a while, how lucky."

Exactly. The less mutual like-mindedness and Heart resonance there is the quicker a relationship will drain our energy. Vice versa, the more of a mutal like-mindedness and Heart resonance there is the longer are we able to share our time and space with somebody without feeling drained.

Yet no matter with whom we are, eventually we will need a break to reenergize.

Only with ourselves we have to be eternally. So we should better make friends with ourselves ;)

Nice post

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Good answer your question.

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