What does esoteric mean to you and how has it influenced your life? @tribesteemup QOTW

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As Mother Earth has been turned upside down into a mirror world in support of Souls thirsting for the experience of Separation magicking the hermetic wisdom “As within so without” into “As without so within”, Souls find themselves barking up the wrong tree for quite a while in search for their True Self. Albeit a wished-for request, squandering chance after chance to find back to one’s Heart’s track here and then poses a daunting challenge as the superior Ego-mind initially is fully disconnected from the Heart. Yet, no matter how wacky an adventure thrill-seeking Souls try to create for themselves, there is one powerful spoilsport out there relentlessly trying to make us see sense again… esoterics!

Souls who are in the midst of their Separation experience surely love to denigrate anything which spoils the duality party, because since each Soul is shining its very unique Light and exercising the pure Freedom of choice, there is really no certain general “time frame” as to how long the adventure of experiencing Separation has to last. Instead, the length of the adventure of Separation is somewhat encoded in each Soul’s unique Light mixture inherently knowing how long each experience has to take in order to clinch the most natural longevity for the next one. Having said that, the more of a "Separation freshman" we are the more we try to give concepts of Oneness, namely spirituality or esoterics, a wide berth so as to not risk skirting all the tiniest Soul lessons in Oneness we signed up for in the wake of our Separation choice.

So whenever we feel triggered by a "Separation freshman's" disparagement of esoterics or spirituality, there is no reason at all to feel offended by any means, for they have just embarked on their sleepwalking journey and don't wish to be woken up ealier than planned.


As to esoterics' influence in my life, it is needless to say that this is a real foundation of my everyday life practices. The more we resonate with concepts of Oneness, and the more we have our very own experiences thereof, the more we are being indicated how "far" we are on our Separation School journey. Nonetheless, and most quintessentially, it is always about Soul and Heart resonance. We cannot be forced to get interested in something, vibrational attraction is key and much more telling than any far-fetched analysis as to why we feel drawn to certain themes.

Bottom-line is, EVERY single Soul in this Separation Universe has been flowing back into Oneness in the split second of its creation...hence in every single moment, no matter what circumstances indicate, our Soul is getting closer to Oneness at the perfect pace whether we are aware of it or not. Consequently, there is no way around for any Soul to eventually become vibrationally ever more drawn to concepts of Oneness.

Much Love and Light,


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really educative and nice reading your post.

La palabra esoterico esta sobre estimada y a muchos nos frena, cuando queremos preguntar o lanzarnos en ese universo de conocimiento.
Cuando se habla de iluminar nuestras almas o alcanzar un nivel superior se ve de otra manera mas aceptable .

This is great, your answer really resonated with me @alexaventuria, I held off reading anyone elses until I wrote my own, but we have a very similar understanding. xx

Really good post your👉👍

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I think of the word esoteric as meaning "the hidden part" or "the ignored part".

It is the hidden part for those who are too preoccupied with the mundane world to see it; the ones who know that the sky is blue but never think to ask why?

It is the ignored part for those who might know something to be true but are only willing to acknowledge what they can prove scientifically, then quietly sweep everything else under the rug of esoterica.

Esoterica, therefore, is anything that we choose to keep a secret from ourselves.