What is the amount of staked tokens to became a Minnow, Dolphin, Orca or Whale for a Scot Tribe - 2019-08-07?

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Interesting read. Looks like I am now a QUATROWHALE.

  • PAL
  • LEO
  • GG

Hmmmm ... like my wife's Audi Quatro.
Bzoom bzoom.

Congratulations! 3 more tribes and you will be set for life.

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I've never been upvoted by a quatrowhale before, sounds exillarating!

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As usual, you are amazing. I get a headache just looking at all those tokens. I'm still figuring out Steem :))
Thank you for all the work you put into the community.

Did I count 34 tribes??? Wow!

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LOL I was just happy to see @asshole tribe in there! I haven't finished setting the SCOTBOT parameters so these arent accurate yet, theer will be 3 day not 1 day unstake cooldown period lol

For doing some TASKs and doing a good job, im giving you 10 ASS staked

COme to https://steemspeak.com if you want to help me and @gerber and a few others discuss the future of asshole token and its scotbot parameters. im gonna make it a very unique 90% curation tribe. with high curation curves. the more you have the more youl get, i will supplement it with globalairdrops and he Most active giveaway community, giving away LESS than what I have available to BUY back on the order books, so I wont be over inflating the ass token

we just have to make contact with all ass network stakers, gauge their own personal roadmaps and we can create a concrete projection for the price of asshole token if we bring onbaord a few social media influencers who I can provide Steem INV accounts for

Thank you for sharing this data.
I am a plankton

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@derangedvisions Still a Plankton? I'd rather be a Dragonfly! ;p

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Cool! That means I'm a Dolphin and even an Orca somewhere. I love both :)

This is an amazing breakdown!

Thanks for organizing all this data. So much useful info!

Now you just have to update and share it weekly. Thanks.

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Sorry but what does MVest stand for?

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Mega vests. 1 Mvest = 1 million vests.

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