Ajani Goldmane - Trial by Comics

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Hello community of Steemit.

What's up friends? Here I am again participating in the contest #trialbycomics created by @kommienezuspadt, this week the theme is about "Magic: The Gathering" I confess that did not know about that game or much less about their characters but after Google search and see several Characters I decided to make my drawing inspired by Ajani Goldmane.

I hope my drawing is to your liking, thank you and have an excellent day.


This is the drawing process:








This is the final result of the drawing.


If you like my drawing please follow me, Upvote and Resteem my post.

Thanks for the visit and the support.


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Such a nice post


Thank you very much ... I'm glad you liked it.

Nice 💖


Thank you.

Oh, damn! @yanes94! This is incredible! I was so tempted to draw Ajani, too! I went with Erebos for my sketch, but he was a close second! Excellent work!


Hahahaha me ahead and thanks for your support and to create this contest where I like to participate very much ;)

Very envious of people who can draw like this!


If you really want to do it you can achieve ... it starts little by little with easy things and you will see that in a short time you will achieve incredible things.

Nice one.
Avatar of Will is my favourite MTG artwork at the moment.


Excellent and I would like to have the game of MTG but here in my country none of that comes :(

Nice post 🖤


Thank you for writing and for your vote.

I really enjoy this drawing of you magic character you did a great job


Thank you very much for your comment.


I really like the coloring you did on that gold armor. :)


Thank you very much for noticing ;)