My entry for Trial by Comics contest, organized by @kommienezuspadt

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Hi! This is my work for for the Trial by Comics contest, organized by @kommienezuspadt.
The new theme on this contest is “Mythology”
I decided to draw a forest spirit from the Slavic mythology- Leshy.
Leshy is the spirit-keeper of the forest. He is able to change the appearance at will, therefore it is difficult to say what his true appearance is, but more often he is credited with the image of an old man with a long beard. He has got bright green eyes that glow, gray-green hair with sticking out leaves and branches.
He loves has fun: to frighten animals, birds and, especially, people. He can start shouting at different voices, flawlessly imitating not only the beasts, but also the people, and when the "joke" is successful, he starts loudly laughing and clapping his hands.

Basically, he is a kind and caring owner of the forest- often helps people. But if Leshy make angry, he can drown human to the swamp.

Leshy - the creatures are immortal, they do not age and die, but sometimes some spirits decide to "leave"- they kidnap a child so that he could replace be an ancient spirit.
The photos of the drawing process:



Thank you for watching!

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Bel lavoro Sweet :)


Thank you!

tienes un estilo particular, me agrada.


Thank you!

Another beautiful artwork, @sweettais! Congratulations! 😃


Thank you so much!

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fantastic artwork, you have a lot of talent. Found your posts from @c-squared and I also just found Elegance this week.



Thank you!

Its beautiful @sweettais


Thank you!

Very nice drawing, I even feel I want to grab some colors and make something. I liked his personality overview, I like this kind of creatures. Good job!

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What an interesting mythological character, @sweettais ! He looks grumpy but he's really just a caring caretaker of the forest <3 Beautifully drawn ! Good luck in the contest <3


Thank you so much!

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hey, this is so amazing, I really love the colors, the depth and the value, it looks dark and whimsical to me at the same time...i also love that the artwork has a story behind it...
Love and hugs .Swati 😘


Thank you so much! :)

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🎉 Congratulations @sweettais! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

Tais muy buen diseño del espíritu del bosque y muy buen dibujado me gusta el detalle de la mano arriba de la manzana.


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Very nice! But maybe he should see a doctor about the mushrooms growing out of his shoulder. haha


Thank you! :D