Urban Tree Frog - TrialbyComics Entry

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Due to the destruction of the forest, all the tree frogs were forced to move to a new place and learned to adapt to the city skyscrapers and made it its new home.

And after a millennium the tree frogs had evolved to have human characteristic and stand on its two feet but their abilities to jump and stick in a surface are more enhanced.

This tree frog is a street artist, painting different structures from bridges, walls, skyscrapers and etc. as his canvas with his huge pencil and spray paint can while listening to music.


This is my entry to @kommienezuspadt #triabycomics contest and this week's theme is character design.


First I started to sketch trying to mimic different poses from a human to a frog pose. I also sketch differnt accessories that it will be wearing.

I chose a pose and started sketching a stick figure holding a pencil and then sketched the entire frog. On the next figure I changed the details to his eyes and giving him a frog feet .

Here I sketched the different accessories and clothing that he will be wearing. After that I draw the frog with all the accessories and clothing on top of the previous sketch. The third image is the final look of the frog.

On this part, I added the background skyscrapers and the building that the frog is standing.

And on the last part I added some freckles and shadow to the frog.

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Nice design .. good luck in the contest.

Thanks, you too. :)

He looks ultra cool man!
Neat back story too!
Wished i could have seen this earlier so i could upvote it.
Goodluck on the contest!

I hope so xD.

Thank you very much! :)