🎨 Origin of the zombie pencil 🔪 (Digital Art) 🎫 My second entry to Trial by comics new theme is "Character Design".

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Hello Friends of Steemit, today I come to bring you an illustration with reference to the article of the pen zombies. This time looking for its origins, as a pencil becomes zombies. Without further ado I show you how the illustration was developed:

📌 The idea:

Once I made the drawing of the zombie pencil, I came up with the idea of how it was transformed. To continue the madness story. It has occurred to me a story of the zombie who did.
Alfred was a young college boy who never bought a pencil in his student life, he used to keep the pencils he borrowed. When someone asked for the pencil that lent him biting them to leave him and not claim.

In his last year of college, a gypsy companion named Rosalía and who had studied together since the beginning of his career. She was tired of Alfred's attitude and asked for a pencil lent knowing lends it with the condition that it returned, but to return it but would repent until after his death. Alfred doesn't take it seriously, so I use the pencil and he didn't return it.

The next day Rosalía tells the Alfred to give him back his pencil and this proceeds to bite, so she proceeds to curse him for his bad attitude having a reach until after death.

A few months later, a global pandemic is unleashed which produces the return of the people of death. What nobody knows is that it is not a pandemic, but the source of the disaster is the dark forces from the curse of Alfred.

Alfred's worst punishment as a zombie is that he couldn't eat humans but just pencils. Which would become zombie pencils and they would be the ones who would eat humans.

The end!

📌 The Sketch:

As you know my drawings are digitized, therefore, I must make a digital sketch to capture the ideas of what I want to obtain, for this I divide the work in two stages one of large areas and another for details as they are: eyes, mouth , ear scars, among others. On this occasion to perform for Alfred's face and pencil. Let's see how it went next:

So far only this part of the drawing has been achieved:

📌 Colors:

Color is the most complex part. Divided into three parts, the first is to place a base color in large spaces. Then I apply the shadows that will make the effect paper and last brightness as desired. See how it was done:

To those who saw the displayed GIF perhaps realized that I had to make change during the realization of the effects, this time the hands gave me a lot of work and several attempts to achieve it. Although I know they're not perfect yet, it's because my patience is over. :)

We already have the character, staying this way:

📌 The background:

Once obtained the character proceed to set the image, in the realization of the background should repeat the procedure that was applied with the character, this is because we must create objects shapes and add colors. The background made it quite simple, so no attention is lost on the characters. As a last detail, I put my signature as the author of this drawing. If you want to see how it was done you can see it here:

Leaving the whole picture in this way and hoping that it is to your liking:

📌 Tools:

Table Computer
Software Clip Paint

📌 Original file:

Author: @cain1914
Document: DOWNLOAD

Thanks for visiting the post! I'm waiting for your comments.

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Very scary, looks like Chucky all grown up...

haha thank you. An effort is made in the contest there are very good proposals. Thank you for visiting.

Hello @cain1914! I liked your zombie, but there is a problem with it! is a vegetarian zombie hahahahaha eats wood and not human flesh.
Greetings friend we are still in the competition.

Haha is that I like to make the difference... thanks friend luck to you too.

Que buen trabajo!!! me gusto mucho la idea! Éxitos en el concurso

gracias me alegra que te haya gustado. suerte para vos tambien.