Trial by Comics: Liliana Vess from Magic the Gathering

in trialbycomics •  9 months ago

Little preview of my entry :P

Hey people, these days I just found the @trialbycomics contest and loved the ideia, so I decided to participate too :) And here's my entry:


I choosed Liliana Vess because I love to draw strong baddass females! Here a little gif with the evolution process, Hope you like it!


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Good spirit I want to be your friend please thank yes and do not forget to follow me yes thank you

OMG Amazing!!! Followed

Great Art. Upvoted and Followed. Have a great day!


Thanks a lot, happy you liked! :)

Amazing work. Love your style!

Hope You win best of luck from me :)


Thanks a lot!

This turned out great! I enjoyed the progress shots in the gif at the end. :)


Thanks! I love to make these process gifs <3

Actually im really impressed of your skills :O

Keep up this level , this is really a piece of art i would frame and setup in my flat to see it all day :)


Haha thank you! I'm really happy you liked :)

Amazing! I love watching the progression of the layers. Beautiful drawing! Oh, and I agree - badass females are seriously the best to draw.

I can't download the picture. Steem and/or my internet is too slow. :/