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Participants in the property game are pressured to cope with online listing providers that charge excessive costs and subject matter guests to intrusive marketing,TREX.

These Multiple Detailing Providers monopolize the marketplace. They dictate costs and conditions. And they capture vast amounts of private data that they commoditize to enhance their income.

But that’s all about to switch

Welcome to REX, a revolutionary new global list system where it’s free of charge to list and search for properties. A system where you won’t become swamped by advertisements. Where you’re in control of your very own data. Where transactions consider days, not months. A platform that will pay you to take part.

Features Include
• Search
Search real estate entries globally, for free!
• List
Obtain paid for contributing data.
• Transact
Transact in times not months.

At REX, our objective is to connect suppliers, agents, and customers over a powerful open up network that benefits you for your contributions. REX combines three innovative technology - The Blockchain, Data Distribution, and Digital Currencies - to create the globe's most advanced Global Actual Property List Provider. The blockchain allows us to build a digital ledger of transactions and talk about it among decentralized nodes.

Of money instead, we use a digital currency known as the REX Token. Agents and suppliers are paid in REX Tokens to list properties and provide marketplace reports, home histories, and other information. These tokens can be exchanged within the system for features such as creating a professional profile and marketing your visibility across the network,TREX.

REX tokens are global, enabling universal participation. And because REX is hosted on global peer-to-peer facilities, there are no paywalls and no gain access to limitations.


The REX token is utilized to reward those who contribute list data to the RexDex. Without any more info, it noises like a no-go, since there’s nor revenue model up front:

We see that the symbol will have some utility right here, but today we’re future a problem that many ICOs face: the token’s worth appears dependent in people, in fact, using the nascent item. Agents would buy the souvenirs to verify entries in the manner discussed above, to ensure that they would end up being functioning with useful data, and their data would be more correct than the competing players ultimately, but the entire issue would appear even more appealing if there were gain access to the fee. We’re speaking about professional data, and the market usually is having to pay for this data, so why should we not continue to charge? There's a lot of room to cost less, especially since the entire process shall be automated and decentralized and crowdsourced, but charge nothing at all is most likely a bad idea,TREX.

There is the psychological idea of worth in data also. Wikipedia is generally perceived as much less valuable details because it is usually crowdsourced, despite the many Ph.D.s and professionals who contribute to its pages, and in spite of its dedicated community of fact-checkers and editors. Many professional organizations perform not allow citations from Wikipedia still, and we can foresee various professional broker organizations easily, in concert with the MLSs they function with (for whatever reason, cronyism becoming fundamental), disheartening utilization of the “free of charge data platform.”

Therefore what we’re remaining with for a worth proposition in the REX token is that it will be dear to the people who use the platform, and later on, it shall be valued when actual transactions start to take place on the platform. That's where the silicone will match the street, and much like Property, it shall be a delicate circumstance because it relies on many unpredictable human being individuals,TREX.

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