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At the end of the game you get your bet of 0.1 BTC back in full, as well as a Prize of 0.765 BTC.c23843b39641eef5624a97a996f9bd27.png

Participating in the game, you agree with the following rules. The game is played in fully automatic mode, the scripts appear as arbitrators and manual moderation is completely absent. All prices are fixed by scripts automatically, win and loss are calculated automatically. A new game starts on Monday at 00:00 GMT+3. When a game starts, the starting price of BTC/USD is defined (the price is fixed by the 5th decimal place) according to Livecoin Exchange. Bets are accepted till Friday 23:59 GMT+3. After the end of this period, another 2 days pass before the final determination of the BTC/USD price to avoid possible manipulation of the price in order to win. After determining the final price (Sunday 23:59 GMT+3), a comparison of the starting price and the final price is made. If the final price is higher than the starting one, bets placed on position "higher" are winning, if the final price is lower than the starting one, the bets placed on position "lower" are winning.

A minimum of 4 players are required for the game to co ahead. If the number of players is less than 4, after the deadline for receiving bets, funds will be returned to the players in full and the game is considered cancelled/unsuccessful.

If the starting price is equal to the final, the game is also considered not successful and all the bets are returned to the players in full.

If all players have won and no one has lost, the game is not successful and the bets are returned to the players in full.

The prize fund is formed of losing bets. The prize is distributed in accordance with the volume of winning players' bets.

Fees for participation in the game of 10% are charged from the prize fund (from losing bets only). Winning players DO NOT pay fees.

If you win, you get your bet back in full as well as a part of the prize pool according to the amount of your bet. The higher your bet is - the more your share of the prize pool is.

In case of loss, you lose your bet, and it fully goes into the prize pool. No additional fees are charged.

Payments made by client in the game are non-refundable.

An example of win calculating
Initial data:
Number of players: 47
Number of winners: 12
Number of losers: 35
POT: 3.61 BTC
The total value of prize fund: 3.23 BTC
10% fees (Rake): 0.323 BTC
The prize fund to be awarded to winners: 2.907 BTC
Your bet: 0.1 BTC
The total amount of winners bets: 0.38 BTC

To determine the coefficient of winning, we divide the prize fund value (2.907 BTC) by the total amount of winners’ bets (0.38 BTC) and we get a winning coefficient of 7.65.

Your win is equal to the amount of your bet (0.1 BTC) multiplied by the winning coefficient (7.65), in this example you have won 0.765 BTC

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