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Today I wanted to vlog about a scenario that no one seems to playing out in their mind. The possibility of Bitcoin Cash actually taking off in price and what it would take for that to happen.


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IMO no.

I don't think it will necessarily moon but Bitcoin Cash can be quite competitive as an alt. Even though people might try selling it off at first, it might be able to stay in the top 30 cryptocurrencies.

I think it will crash right away then recover.

I didn't expect it at the time. However, BCH actually did go significantly. I though it would have been better to sell at the time.

Probably for a day or two afterwards braking balance in the market.. I presume the price of BTC and bitch cash will rocket due to high exchanging afterwards reaching some sort of equilibrium.. But honestly only BTc is mainly supported towards withdrawal.

Cheers and I wish you best of luck with profit

I expect that both bitcoin and bitcoin-cash will go down. For a last days almost all altcoins where going down, and bitcoin was going up. So probably people where selling altcoins for BTC to get that extra bitcoin-cash for free after August 1 :) So i am waiting for price to go down, and then buy some cheaply.

I think anyway keeping them both and not make any transactions for a while will be the best option.


Am all for the underdogs! You can make it big if you catch the right one! And what other one to choose than BCC! These is potential but will see what happens! LOVE THE UNEXPECTED!

Every single person is going for Bitcoin here, for what? I cannot see how exchanges will be easy to load and trade after this. I think the focus should be on other alts, sell bitcoin right now. I can guarantee some alts will jump more than 14% and you won't be stuck trying to dump them after....

I think bitcoin cash has a better chance of going down the drain, then going to the moon.

Moon is to close - bitcoin is going far far past the moon, it may leave Milky Way

No chance, Bitcoin Cash is going to drop by 85% at-least...I would also sell my bitcoin cash almost instantly.

I'm undecided but I want a new chromebook so might spend anys profits (if I get any) on that lol.

I don't think bitcoin will go down (no more than normal market moves).

Bitcoin Cash is too unpredictable to call right now.

Like every new coin i feel like it will boom initially and then take a huge dump. Then stabilize.

strong potential

We'll have to see what happens, but possible!

I believe there is a strong possibility that it will raise in price as many bitcoin users are going for bitcoin cash. I am keeping the coin if I get some after the split.

Your videos is always entertaining :) Still don't know If I'm going to hold any BTC to get bitcoin cash. Don't know if I want the new coin

I will be buying Bitcoin Cash and liquidating on the higher price up ticks... I do not intend to hold it at this point I will only be HODL bitcoin.

still not sure if only small community support it the price will drop big time if majority support it maybe price will sky rocket it hard to say bro

it is hard to say i think it will find value around 200$ eventualy

I was planning before first of August 50% of my bitcoin convert to fiat, and 50 % of it leave in the offline wallet, but when i saw today that on Poloniex lending interest rate rise to 5% per day (because all are withdrawing ), i decided to gamble and 20% of my bitcoin are locked in active loan for 60 days with interest rate of 4.999% per day :D

Lets talk about those intangible PYRAMID schemes!!

Everyone knows it will just be insta-dumped by everyone
Just like everyone in your stream chat said

I know Bitcoin will reach $4000 this year for sure.
There will be a lot of volatile months up ahead, but when it comes down to Bitcoin Cash well it's a wait and see situation really.

Nonetheless i'm excited!!
I would probably also sell mine, but keep an eye on it all and see how well it goes.

2 more Days to go damn time flies! :O

i sent my btc from coinbase to the jaxx wallet so i have the private keys

i expect it to dive in price very quickly. Why would anyone want to invest in bitcoin cash that will be less decentralized and give large mining companies more power and the people less control. The reason i love cryptocurrencies is because they are decentralized. Also i read that the development is being overseen from one man, an ex facebook employee this could lead to bugs in the code if they don't have strong infrastructure in place. My last point is be very careful trying to get your bitcoin cash early. you mess up you could lose your bitcoins too

I don't think so it will go the moon especially for 3-5 months. It's free money and free money always get claimed on the first seconds. So, I am pretty sure it'll get converted in bitcoin as soon as it comes into existence. So, I guess price of bitcoin will go the moon instead of Bitcoin cash.
It's not needed first of all, another publicity stunt by the miners !

I thinks yes had probablity many CRPYTOTRADER are sell altcoin for BCC!! Well thanks thanks for sharing with us @tevenjob!!

Great video, about the possible appreciation of Bitcoin Cash anything can happen in cryptoland as we saw with ETH and ETC :)

i want to give up on steemit i dont get the $$$.

BCC ( Bitcoin cash ) is trash. In my opinion it will drop in price big time.

Well I hope bitcoin price won't go down. Just like you said, people would have to sell it for that to happen. But bitcoinCash doesn't have much chance to moon, now does it ? At least not at the beginning.

No I don't think so. Although in this cryptoworld I believe there will be some who will believe in it a lot.

Video will bitcoin. I like post your I LOVE POST YOU

I'm afraid it might crash...

So.... How you feeling about this now that we've seen a pump?

Coinomi is supporting BCC they said on Twitter so put your btc into Coinomi and it's protected in a private key wallet so you'll get your BCC plus keep ur BTC safe from whatever happens.

there is aways that possibility

I just wrote an article here on Steemit on how most people in my opinion are being baited by the big players to sell-off their Bitcoin Cash reserves, so that they may purchase it on the cheap.

I will summarize it here: Do not ever underestimate the power of the Chinese, and their ability to manipulate any and all currencies.

Bitcoin Cash included!

Nobody can tell what is gonna happen. People are expecting this fork will be like ethereum but not so sure. Winds may change their direction at any time. So it is better to wait before making any decision till the 1st August.

Interesting post and useful greetings know from @abupasi.alachy

can somebody explain how the split might work? I have several btc on my ledger nano. will i automatically also get bitcoin cash, or do i have to manually choose to convert some btc? whats going to happen? thanks in advance

Great video mate , cheers

Your post is very cool, I reestem and wait for the next one @trevunjb
thank for infomation.

Hi friend @trevorjb , great video , I congratulate you, keep it up

I'm feel like most people will sell off their BCC but who knows what will really happen when the time comes. I will hold on to mine just to see what will happen though.

It probably won't reach a good value, but it's a good scenario to imagine... It probably will get cheaper and cheaper for the first few hours!! but maybe it will gain value afterward....

I don't think it will worth more than BTC Core for its whole lifespan though.

Great channel I wonder why you haven't cashed out all that referral money from Bitconnect and reinvest it? Last I saw you were at $111,000.00...!! Are you not able to cash that out? Whats up with that?

Definitely a difficult decision to make for sure. I have only recently got into crypto currency and mining so my wallet is so small I guess it really does not make much of a difference to me personally. That being said, I can see things easily going either way and its just going to be a gamble. Im sure you will come out on top regardless @trevonjb

@trevonjb I think of it kinda like a stock split

Well, it's one to keep any eye on. Anything labled "Bitcoin" will get attention tho.

thanks for share. upvotes your post & you upvotes my post.

I won't tell you what you want to hear. I think most people were on the same page as you. Sell it. And like i said it your other post, I'm going to sell my bitcoin and bitcoin cash, because I took money out of alts to get my bitcoin so I can trade them both for more alts. I have heard of others doing it too. So at least a few people will drop both bitcoins, to rebuy into the alts they had prefork.

And in your other post you were talking about your upvote only being 20$.. Just chilllll, when Steem is 3 dollars your vote will be 60$. All these past posts payouts will have doubled. We just gotta get Steem to where it should be, when it hits 10$ your vote will be worth closer to 200$

That count down clock was great this morning. Are you going to get one for your blog to?

China would like nothing more than to have control over crypto. After they fail it'll be the USA, then Russia, and so on. Do not support bit coin cash. It's just a way for governments to control that which should be for the people.

I think it's very doubtful BCC is going anywhere.

I think at the beginning BCC will crash a lot and then maybe after a little while pump quite a bit ;)

Right on! Being a naysayer before the fork even plays out is guaranteed to lose you money. I'll be watching Bcash closely and if it starts plummeting I'll sell but you can bet I'll buy it all back at the bottom. Wait it out, people. You got nothing to lose. If you're on Kraken you'll be able to trade Bcash/usd & Bcash/btc pairs immediately.

Probably it can go with the astronaut on a spacecraft on their account. Lol..
Nice post of yours @trevonjb.
Thank you.

Love your vlog!
I deffinently want to get some bitcoin cash. Just to have it!

Well, if this Bitcoin Cash will be supported by the masses, I think China will just be monetizing it for their own good, after all China is known for just getting good tech and making it their own.. It might just be my opinion but it might be true...

I'm with you Tre, BCC will fade and just go away. I , too, wish we could move on from here and have this behind us. Bitcoin will not be stop in its inevitable rise. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is going nowhere. It's here to stay. Just part of growing pains.


Yep this is the scenario no one could see coming regardless free BCC tomorrow will make a lot of people wealthier and others straight up rich.

Man, I didn’t start watching your stuff until a couple weeks ago. I love your content :)

Did you just say January 30th lol

Interesting post. Following and upvoted. :)

If it moons, you got to sell it. I'll be selling mine.

Because that's the purpose we are sending to Bitcoin that is to sell and I am a person rather than, so i am not minority bro: D and just heard from you about this that many people are selling rather than buying. This is new information for me, and I'm not surprised about it

I'm not going to sell Bitcoin Cash for at least six months. And then we'll have a look :)

I have been following you on youtube for a while now. Keep inspiring us!

It will be faster than bitcoin so I think BCC goes to the mooooooooooon!!!

no doubts , we all can expect a spike on the bitcoin value.look at the charts, despite it rises and fall, it still would keep appreciating in value.

I think it may end up being hard to dump. Over time though it could regain value like ETC has. History likes to repeat itself so I could see this following closely the ETH/ETC split, which means, MEGA BOOM for BTC in 2018

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I think it will be 'a thing' for a while but will vanish after some time

I'm not sure what will happen. But it is an interesting idea. Of course, there are numerous things that can take place.
I just hope some of the altcoins go higher cause i put my money into some of the altcoins.
I guess we will see shortly.
Thanks for the video

it will go to the moon then mars! once we settle this fork thing bitcoin will travel to mars for sure!

Hi trevon ive been listening to various people and they are saying that a lot of people will sell their bitcoin cash as it was free to them and so that will drive the price down to the point where it could be worth investing in some, i suppose most people involved in cryptos have always embraced risk so for those of us that have the courage to embrace the new currency there may be a reward :) and also as a sideline im only a small investor in genesis but it seems MR Streng has come through , i got my missing payouts today in full \o/

great post,I'm not to sure about bite coin cash

tomarrow bitcoin will split into bitcoin and bitcoin cash
Your vote is important to us. For which we thank you. And keep voting @piyushkansal

nice video dear now i am following you :)

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