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I think in general that's a good strategy. Btc seems to be the most stable crypto. Also, it has a good chance for further capital appreciation over time.

you are lucky guy, bitcoin will grow, may be $50K each, soon


I agree, what better coin to hold right now due to the first mover advantage that it has. I googled 'buy with Bitcoin' yesterday and I think there are thousands of vendors and companies now accepting Bitcoin as a payment source. I don't think any other coin not even ETH can compare to this accolade yet!


I have the Power!!!!! LOL

20k + here we come!

Got to hold Trevon, right about that!!!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

yeah man, we all need more coins, u should get mroe steem thio man! steem is about to skyrocket because of the new Steemit official App thats coming out
plus a LOT of new features like Steemit Communities liek subreddits

AND we will have community issued tokens!
steemit already is growing just fine the way it is now, so just wait uintill we see all the new features after the next hardfork and the next next hardfork , dude you should be holding steem because not only will steem go rom $1 to $10 soon BUt steemit accounts will just be a GREAT way to make money like i am about to start making $100 posts soon wheni get my 10,000 followers !im already almost at 3,000 followers man!

i can help u get there too iu just have to keep otsing everyday tho! u stopped and u have to start up again! and dont let a few bad users get u down come on this is a HUGE bliockcgain and it isnt cntroelled by aany one user!

all it takes is a few big users to coe in and buy some stempower and steemit all fo the sudden has new people in control!

so just remember steemit is about to go CRAZY man millions or new users all at once just CRAZY man steem will triple in value very fast

u gotta just start posting everyday man its easy but u gotta just get into it and read the trending page and post according to the ointerests of all the big whales to realy get the big money! Or just post about mexico!

if u post about mexico or ur adventures in the US or wherever you will make good money just write highq uality blog posts! and u haveto keep writing them! it doesnt happen over night!

You can carve ur own niche soon before others join and it wont be as easy!

Nice work.

It d be nice if you could write some kind of description and not just post a video with nothing to say what we are about to watch... but hey good work anyways man:)

Hold on tight baby boy and you will be a winner in the end!!

nice post come to my page resteem , upvote my articles and follow me

Love BTC too!!

I must admit, when @radagast introduced me to @trevonjb on youtube early this year, I was not a big fan. Seeing that only a few people in the cryptocommunity really have "The Knack" to earn, I am now listening!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well, you are holding this because u want to fly like a bird or aeroplane in your upcoming time. but something i have to show in which a person believe to dive like a fish in water

worse crash

bad luck, i guess

nice sharing @trevonjb

This is just fucking wonderful.

Only 24 btc? :P

wow 24 bitcoin means 104440.8$ after somes days its will be 204440.8$

From last 3 days it has gone down a 400bucks....Maybe it recover from this plunge soon ...See this post

Help post.All dollar i will earn from this post will be given to help the flood victim people.do share among friends too.

Hi Trevon, Just a shout out, I love all your work, follow you on you tube and just want to say thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have learned a lot about crypto currency from you. Much Love Bro

great work, all the best. Keep helping people as you always do and you'll grow exponentially :D

You know what Trevon. Honestly I don't like the fact that you made so much from Bitconnect because it is a Ponzi scheme but overall I do respect your hustle. It is absolutely unreal how things have went for you in crypto.

Hodl until you get to the moon.

you are definitely lucky. I could not even afford 1bitcoin. Lol. I have to grind more for success.
Im very happy for you tho. congrats for your success @trevonjb Cheers! 🤗

Thanks for sharing...

In a few years you will be glad you decided to hold :)

Hi, I am a newbie, what would you say is better for someone getting into cryptos now, holding costly coins like BTC or cheaper ones like ETH?

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Great post as always thanks Bro.

you should pay someone to do transcripts like jerrybanfield.

wow great to here me and my grandpa own 31 bitcoin all together, we luckily saw the potential when bitcoin was very low in price

Hold on to that bitcoin. You should hold some precious metals also if don't already.

Well done! Good luck!


One day This 24.1 Btc will make you so much $$$$$$$$$$$$

nice to see how to do well on crypto - rock on

good strategy but its bitcoin not going up

hey Trevon ! what's up !
your videos has motivated me specially the first 2 weeks video.
Appreciate what you doing man.

you looking very happy