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I am almost 92% sure we are in for a short bear market as far as bitcoin goes this summer. In todays vlog I talk about how I plan to prepare if this is indeed the case.



Hodl is always a great advice for btc. Thanks for your insights!

Thanks for bringing the great content day in and day out Trevon. Looking forward to seeing the Keys trip on here! Oh and watched this on YT haha

I watched this on YouTube. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insight during this downturn. I especially liked the advice to not spend every last big of Bitcoin when the market starts to take a downturn. Thanks !

I try and make my first stop here on Steemit before going anywhere else.
It's much better to support a system like this than the evil one over at Alphabet.

The time to buy Steem is... always. :)

snap! first! saw it on youtube earlier !

I think it's just a needed correction. Don't think it will get any lower than 2200 BTC. Don't panic sell. Hold on . Ride it through. BTC trend is to go up. It's the future. Bitcoin is going nowhere. It's here to stay. Just the up and down of the market. It's summer season. Protect your coins and hold, hold, hold. Nice to have you back Mr. Trevon James.

Now it's time to buy! I'm a loyal YouTube subscriber :)

in the words of warren buffet "be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful"

Nice quote! It's true. That's how risks becomes rewards :)

Watched on YouTube! Yes, I agree buy and hold and buy more now! Thanks

What up doe?! Saw this on YouTube earlier!

saw this on youtube

Saw it on youtube! Tre calling the game haha

Watched this video on YouTube! Bitcoin needed to pull back in my opinion. Bitcoin could pull back to $1500 and still be in a bull pattern. Saw that on a chart posted earlier this week. Great video...

Thanks for the upvote @trevonjb I consider you like a mentor in the cryptocurrency space. Keep doing what you do. I appreciate it...

always watch on youtube first so i can get ready for the steemit post. i will now never purchase will all my btc so i can continue to buy as it slowly falls. cheers for the tip

Over on YouTube. Ethereum down to $22,000, baby.

hi please follow me because i'm following you ok bro. https://steemit.com/@sabresaad

Yo cought this earlier today on YouTube. But like you said "buy and hold" I think is the best option right now

Just saw this video on youtube! Just started investing, so just in time to experience this bubble! xD should be wise to sell when it goes up a little and buy again when it's getting even lower? I will look into..

Interesting stuff, thanks!

Watched on youtube! Go Get it Tre! Makin' that intangible Coin talk fire!

hi please follow me right now i'm follow you. https://steemit.com/@sabresaad

Seen on the Youtube and I'm Not afraid ~Keeping to the long term cycles always Wins...

Always watch you on youtube trev ;)

saw it on youtube bra, watching again !!

Watched on youtube, then came to check it on Steemit.

Watched it on YouTube first and right after that here on Steemit :)

Watched this on youtube earlier, you make some great points and i agree completely.. everyone wanna cash out in the summer and enjoy the profits (which is understandable) but its deff gonna effect the markets.. i also agree with the bubble pop on BTC we are just now experiencing, i love the "jet" metaphor you used. Great video!

So trev the most important suggestion is to buy steem. This is another opportunity to get some steem at a comparitively low price. The more and more people like you are buying steem the more stronger my belief on steemit is getting. I hope u already got your 1btc worth of steem.

I am a longtime Youtube follower and I learned a lot from you. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Great advice.
And great buying opportunities are coming!!

I hope you're wrong about the bear market, but who knows?

i watched it on you tube.


Hey man first off great vid love the music in the background. Definitely starting to look bearish, I've done some TA on BTC i think we might find some support here on my chart.

ps smashed that follow button(youtube) months ago.

watched this on youtube :)

I'm buying and holding nuff crypto I aint gonna let next year bubble miss my a$$

idk man you talk about these markets like they are gold and silver. There is no "off season" with cryptocurrency.

Not gonna lie, watched it on Steemit first, [email protected]

If it does become a bear market this summer, it's going to be a tiny dip in the long term. We'll think back to these crashes/corrections in a few years and laugh when the market cap is at like 500B+

wouldnt say its a bubble burst..... bearish yes... but bubble burst? Investors that invest on EMOTION are panicking... everyone else should lookin like BIRDMAN.... This is a Black Friday Sale!! Christmas in July.... Happy Hanukkah.. whateva.... Take advantage

Ayyee I was there for the whole live stream, well i did miss like 5 or 10 min of the beginning cause my notification was late for some reason, And you did say if you were from youtube then say it so boom :D im from youtube ( one of your subs ). It sucks bitcoin is at like 2300 and prob wont look good this summber but eventually its gonna go back to regular like you said. Can't wait for the 10k sub mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watched it on youtube! Keep up the good work :)

watch this on the youtubes earlier today :)


Yeah i was on youtube aswell ! Thx to the notifications :p
Great advices as always Trev. See u tomorrow for that intagible coin talk live ;)

U are right TJ everyone cashout ,expechaly for the weekend.

It hurts that i can't get involved in this pullback and yes i watched this on youtube

I'm buying! And will do so for the entire summer if this discount continues.

Buy low, sell high..... why is anyone even panicking?

Yeah i agree with you majority shouldn't trade but i like trading with money i don't really care too much about losing. You know i was watching on YouTube.

Yes I think so too. I have been saying we are going to test 1300 level on btc. Get a whole lot of back lash from it though. lol

I just watched on youtube! Buy the dips!

Just watched the video, and I have to say if I had that kind of coin I would be going on vacation too!

Yep have the same thoughts.
Ready to buy.

Thanks for this. I'm going to look into the loans. You said 1.5% today, is that daily or is today a payout day?

There's always a summer selloff in the forex, stock market, etc. This is not a bubble bursting, just a normal cycle in the speculation markets. Great opportunity to buy smart.

Just watched it on youtube! :)

Bitcoin will hit $2000 and pop up higher back to $3000! This summer will end up good. When everything is down all at once, everything goes back up all at once, so get ready for some crazy up swings!

peace king... I think its just a short correction...im trying to be patient... I like Voxels as a coin in the near future

I watched you on YouTube I'm sort of new to all this so I dont really know what to think.I did watch you,and now have a much greater knowledge of the subjects,thanks
I was just wondering is it worth buying steam dollars to increase by steem power now.

as for your yesterday's question, "what followers want to learn?" this video is a good example of what I want to learn about more, keep going bro, and btw I am generally watching your videos on youtube :)

You know I watched on YouTube. Still figuring out steem logistics... but at least I'm here now...

Just watched it on youtube. Bloodbath atm.

Part of me wants to say that the bubble isnt popping....but that looks like exactly whats going on, hold on tight everyone, things are about to get bumpy

Watched it on YouTube and now in steemit. You are a great guy TREVON. Your inspire me a lop.

What about Trevon James, very good post, I will be watching your posts to hear your point about the highs and lows of the cryptones, as soon as I inform myself more about this field, my comments will have more basis so we can share our ideas and opinions ! I hope you can see my post related to the Mandolin, since it is the instrument that I execute, Regards!

Watched this informative video yesterday on YouTube! Gonna take your advice and take a HODL vacay! (After, of course, I bought up all the low priced ICO's) Thanks for the great info!

yea i wathed this on YouTube and i belive that the bubble Will pop till the end of sumer because of to many miners and user . the etherum had big problems with that ddos . that scared a loot of people .

I usually find it on Steemit because you're in my feed, and then I click "watch on YouTube" to see you in all your YouTube full screen, greatness (sniggles).

"Watched this video on YouTube". Just as you asked. Great video as always Trevon. Watching your recent trip to Iceland was a huge inspiration to me.

I think this might just be a temporary correction before the market continues heading higher. There also might be some type of seasonality in cryptocurrencies. In the U.S. stock market, there sometimes seems to be a seasonality to stocks. A typical saying is "sell in May, and go away." This is because the U.S. stock market typically is weaker during the summer months. It's unclear if there's also seasonality in the cryptocurrencies.

Great buying opportunity this whole summer :)

The Cryptocations are in full effect.

Instead of panicking , newbies must be happy to receive this opportunity to buy crypto at cheap price.

But they won't because it's scary... bc you know, it will never come back

Saw it on youtube bro

Hey @trevonjb - nice YouTube post earlier...

glad you're gonna do another bitconnect video. I just put in my first investment and got over 1.5% today courtesy of your experience.

I watched the video on youtube . And pounded that like button=). Y had the same sensation on u earlyer videos talking about the bubble but it was expected. Summer is Comming. This is no game of thrones $_$

Really? bear trend already? hope not, just started a few months ago :/

Bitcoin going to 1800-2000ish then boom.
Fear not my crypto brothers!
Selling on a loss is a sin, dont do it!

hey Trevon thanks for the FB add i've been a fan of what you do, I hope you keep dropping the helpful knowledge that is much needed! thumbs up check out my recent blog if you get a chance! l8

I don't really agree in two ways first I don't believe bitcoin is in a bubble and that it hasn't Popped. When the crypto Bubble Pops Bitcoin will still be there but were going to see a lot of the other weaker crypto's will disappear. but i also agree today is a buyer's market. be smart an crypto on .

hey trevonjb your youtube videos have helped me out alot especially today. im a total noob in the sea of crypto currency but you made it an easy transition. woke up this morning and saw red everywhere, first day all my holdings are negative but so far i survived haha. thanks for the great work man.

Just watched this on Youtube + subscribed + hit the bell for notifications ! Do I get extra stuff ? ;-) I think I'll go on holiday now...

Thanks Trevon, just watched on YouTube...

Watched this on Youtube and just joined. Love your vids Trevon!

Excellent information, my friend

hi please follow me right now i'm following you ok bro. https://steemit.com/@sabresaad

I saw it on YouTube bro like your other videos :)

Good points as usual...also i feel the bear market is just going to shake out all the folks who are in crypto for the wrong reason and leave us w/ more profits...usually works out that way in any market.
& I didn't watch this on youtube lol

Why panic? Don't sweat day to day movements. I don't panic when precious metals prices drop. I just buy more. I am a Newbie to Genesis and my thanks to you Tre. Keep on Steemin'.

Yo I just seen this on Youtube & wow you said you bought @20 cent 40,000. @$1.50 $60,000 @2.30 $92,000 I should have really listened before and bought some steem. From now on I'm just going to keep buying steem. Thanks!

Great content as always.

GET READY!!! shits about to get FUN :D

Wow nice presentation bro, I never thought that I can find this video here at this hour. we will see if what will happen next on bitcoin.

is it time to buy bro :)

i watched this video on youtube before it was even posted here lol, heard you say to comment here, well, video wasnt up when i tried lol, im here now!!! :D keep up the awesmoness trevon!

I am your new follower on steemit! I watch your video how to earn more on youtube then follow you on steem! Very nice video my friend :)

Watched on YouTube! I have a lot to learn about crypto currencies and such. Right now it's all a little confusing to me! Thanks for the video! If you can recommend a "basics" video for crypto currencies and/or steemit I'd be very grateful!

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Could we perhaps attribute the decline to profit taking? A lot of money was made, in a short amount of time. I recently looked at a chart of GBTC, and BTSC and both of them have huge pointers on the weekly. Might not be this week or next, but I think its headed back up over the previous highs. Great post!!

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