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In todays vlog I talk about the Bitcoin rise, how I find altcoins to ride on the way up, and why you, yes YOU, are gonna be rich just because you are reading and watching this video. I'll also get into NEM which was my altcoin of choice yesterday. It paid off pretty good last night with about a 43% return in about 15 hours.


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You're brilliant @trevonjb. I don't think youtube likes will matter soon as your loyal steem followers are going to be catching your content here and upvoting.

I was wondering if you might touch the topic of people entering the market as capital is low for many of us to begin and because the market is ever-changing, I was wondering if you could make specific content along the lines of "if I were starting out right now with $100, $500, $1000 initial investment". That advice is good for everyone anyway, and also lifts up the little guy trying to be a part of this shift in the human condition. Thanks for everything!


Ok i will try to remember that one.


Yeah, i second that idea!... I'm also starting with low capital...

Hey, this is my first post on steemit :) Bought some steem power because of your videos


I hope so, I think this concept has potential... Maybe a bit to "techy" for general use, but who knows :)

So, if i don't get rich its your fault! lol :P


Lol no comment

Love this! I'm starting to post a crypto-vlog next month, so I love that I just came across yours! Keep it up :)


Go subscribe to me on YouTube too

nice work and thanks for sharing I always learn from your videos.

Everytime I sell anything it goes up a 100% the next day. I ain't selling scrit anymore. I just buy on the dips and hold. In a few years I'll start selling :)


Good luck. Holding is easier said than done lol


You ain't kidding. I've been holding PIVX for awhile during this whole up and down and that has built up an iron gut for me!

Exchellent video dear @trevonjb :)
I like your work...Re - steem this post!!

Q: what do you do for storage? Trezor? Something else?


Steemit.com and exodus.io you dont need a hardware wallet you need your private keys.

Also, points scored - I was pronouncing it "Ceee-ya" like the singer. I am wrong.

Sigh-uh. You said it, then I visited the website's video and they said it.

If I'm long a certain coin, I should know how to pronounce it, eh?

I love cryptos but also physical silver- minimum 100 oz of 'junk' silver so you can buy bread until the lights come back on- ideally a 50/50 or 70/30 silver crypto split. Just MHO.

i lisent you and its great for you and others who have altcoins,for me its hard cos i dont have and its hadr to mining for me cos i dont have money to buy ASIC ore to make mining rigs ,bur its great when i lisent like this story,i try to do something here and i hope its gona be good.