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It's time for the nightly coin count where I count my coins and you count your coins and hopefully you counted more coins than I counted.


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It's great to hear your coin count video. It acts as a wonderful motivator for me.

It's always great to hear these coin counts of yours. I really hope to have that many coins one day.

so glad that I bought back in!!!!!!! probably one of the nicest days...errybody got paid!!!

and my birthday saturday so u know its gonna b lit in montreal!!

glad we all made stacks today homey!!!!

I really thought that BCH or BTC would have tanked.


BCH has much less Hashrate and Difficulty has only started to adapt to that, so BCH has only had 26 blocks since the Hard fork while BTC has had >200 blocks (which means very little transactions for BCH have been processed)... I'd give it a week or two before we see if something actually happens : difficulty will adapt to the lowers hashrate, blocks will be coming faster people wanting to buy will be able to buy/sell will be able to do so unrestricted

Great move to get more actual Bitcoin (price will keep going up). Bittrex won't let me dump my BCC yet.

So the good luck shined on you and you grab the opportunity quite easily. I think you have some sixth sense.

I'm counting and counting and can't get to 1 BTC lol - but your upvotes add up :)
thanks Trev

nothing more gratifying then counting coins daily! Prob one of the best parts of my day. (is that sad to say? lol)

Do you use any codes of your Steemit followers?

Glad to see Bitconnect doing the right thing to shut everyone up. haha


Tell me more, tell me more. There are different views on Bitconnect. That's why I did not participate. Is it good?


Sorry just seen this. I just mean that they gave everyone that had BTC in their wallet on Bitconnect during the fork an equal amount of BCH without having to be threatened unlike Coinbase.

im just glad we are past August 1st, since all the uncertainty is gone now its time to run with the bulls!


Me too. But I want to see another fork next month!! By the way, I just heard that there is going to be another fork, not next month, but the latest two months. The coin might be BTCX. Money, money, money!!! Probably we will be more ready for this one.

Wow! The coins keep adding up. One by one...

get that $$$

Excellent post, very good ... I invite you to go through my blog @ joserc.vzla

Well done it was stressful i know but glad it is over and you made out.

Damn Tre you making that chunk of change!


He is a heavy feather!!! Ja, ja. A little devil who knows the in and out of all the virtual coins!!!! If we follow what he does, we are going to get some money. But he knows how to promote and get followers.

That is some epic bank you have there. Instant bitcoin, you can't go wrong with that! More power to you @trevonjb! keep us posted, keep us inspired! :)

This is a great post, me. To calculate the coin is clear and for the sale we certainly wait time when expensive

Hello friend @trevonjb , great video , I congratulate you, thanks for sharing

You have a nice post every time I hope you could do more everyday you always get trending

good for you bro!


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My congratulations.
Resteemed and followed.


Well written???? it's a video....
Bravo, and extremely well-read to you then I suppose


Ja, ja!! That's Steemit!!!

great ...congrats:)

How are the fees sending BCH and BTC after the fork???

Awesome :) good to hear that @trevonjb

Congratulations for the sweet bitcoins @trevonjb Mr. bitcoin president.


We want to see it reach $5,000 before December.

wow thats awesome still learining crypto

Your vote is important to us. For which we thank you. And keep voting.

just waiting for exodus wallet to set up the bitcoin cash to get mine

Nothing is for free. Where is that bitcoin cash going to be funded from? Maybe they should keep on forking forever to create infinite bitcoin cash.

Upvoted. I'm going to resteem this now :]

How do I enjoy?

I sold some of my Bitcoin Cash tonight when it hit $422.88. I'm hoping to buy back if it gets down around $350.

I think bitcoin (BTC) will prevail

Throw me some coin, rich guy!

i made like 0.3 BCC (the real one) still got my fingers crossed they dont go under..

Nice...i have no where near that amount of BTC, lol. Congrats!

Why is BTC selling around double the price on Bittrex ? Most tickers have it around 400-500.


You can't move BCH in or out of Bittrex right now.


Ahh - Makes sense.
Figured it had something to do with supply...

Just found your youtube channel!
Hello from Germany! :)


Also from Germany :)

Awesome video Trevon :)
Keep it up.

Wanted to let you know @bellyrub is now at 50k SP : )
I would like to see if you would make a small Promo Post on @bellyrub I would be able to pay you 20 SBD I know its not alot but it would help out the little folk that follow you. Please have a look.

@trevonjb. Yo bro I bought 80k Satoshi worth of bcch and at the current price I can get it for 159k satoshis if I sell. That's dubble my profit. Should I wait to see if the price goes higher and then sell or sell it now


Sell half and sit on the other half


That's not a bad idea. In that case, you'll be already playing with house money in that case.


I would take 75% out and then risk the rest.


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Huge happiness I wish
A glittering and immortal,
I add to it
Luck is indispensable!

Wishes fulfilled
In the order of their order.
And the stars in the darkness were lit,
Having opened in you beyond possibility!


Great video, thanks!

very informative bro

I think you've worked hard on your post ... so I'll give you :)

Well done!

Its great to see cryptos taking control in hands the large transactions. This is the future . :)

Nice post
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Doin' pretty good one would say!

Trevon, I like your show man... but I can't get behind Bitconnect. I just don't understand the fundamentals. Even though the returns are good, it just feels to much like a scam to me. How can anyone guarantee returns? Even with Bitcoin there are down markets, like the bear market of 2014.


That is the idea "ups and downs". For example, Wall Street is run by AI now. There hardly anyone on the floor of the NYSE and Nasdaq. The bots are trading! The little guys have no chance. So, the folks at have developed their own Bot. Not only that but they have their own coin BCC. There is various ways to make money on They have laid out a very detailed road map. Furthermore, they are very open and active in the community. They will be at the upcoming blockchain conference in Silicone Valley where you can meet the guys. They are sponsoring various conferences, including the upcoming CoinsBank cruise in January. The 3 day cruise will feature more than 50 speakers (big FinTech players). Anyway, don't miss out! And Tre, I look forward to meet you in Thailand! ;-)

Nice video. GM has publicated tihs message in their FB as a response for waiting "As previously announced, the Bitcoin Fork forced many companies to temporarily interrupt exchanges, payouts and other services until the situation was clear again. However, our mining operation continued and we’re resuming to pay out all funds beginning today (23:59 UTC)."

So this means, things should get back to normal. Fingers crossed. Cheers.

I bought that BCH would fail in hours, but atm i think its possible that it holds the half of his value. Maybe.....

Ha! I love it. Thanks for the picture and the update. Good luck to you.

I don't have any bitcoin to count, but when I get one....I'm going to count the *&%$ out of it!

inspiring stuff......thanks!

Wow!!! You did great in this last fork. If each fork is like that, I want another next month. Ja, ja,ja!!! Those who left the money in the exchangers and trading platform did very good. The Bitcoin Cash probably will go down, but sure it went up in its first 24 hrs...

Congratulations @trevonjb!
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BitConnect has followed your tech analysis method very well. I use shorter term moving avgs but works great w BCC @trevonjb