I think in general this is a good idea for diversification. My only concern is that it might be hard to track that many alt coins on a regular basis. Before when i was investing in stocks, it took quite an effort to track 25-30 on a regular basis. I can see a similar issue developing here.

That cloak coin is bombing, Low coin supply and now in Bittrex! Flying today!

I love this quote! How very true! People with little knowledge are often so quick to judge. Yet the Ines who go for it will always evolve into more........Sweet!

yes!!! It is so true!!

With all the bans happening on ICOs is that the best move? Not sure but I wish you much success!

Trevon is master cryptocurrency before he diversified to other coin he master one coin at a time and I like that. Cheers up this Trevon.

following your tutor help me with some ideas
i am so thankful

Have you guys heard of the new Altcoin Exchange coming out?! Its better than Poloniex and Bittrex bcuz the trading fees will be just 0.1%, it will have all Altcoins via app!! With REAL customer service too!! Sign up for early access and there's a special bonus for early people that sign up!!

Commenting on blog is an art.good comments create relations, you are doing great work, keep it up.

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50 coins, high probability to become rich soon.

Hello @trevonjb. I just want to tell you friendly that its important to add an DISCLAIMER if you promote to people to buy something. Its also possible that it looses value. The people take the risk.

Thats all. Please think about it. You are kind of responsible if you got a lot of followers.

Have a nice day.
No vote. No resteem.

hey trevon i think top 20 best well said

get ok cash is rocket now

Amazing challenge, wish I had some cash to do this :) Upvoted and resteemed

Loving this start to a new series of alt coin trading! I think you bought some absolute beauts in there, I have to say. I am very interested to see the results of you having some fun trading these coins back into the market or whether you might become a fan and hodl one or more of them? We shall see.........Peace!

What are you up to now? I'll let you know when is available.

Good luck! J

Just viewed this amongst other videos of yours about trading and i certainly feel more confident in having such a large an diverse Blockfolio. Im hoping to use crypto as a path to financial independence, a life without daunting debt, and a career i actually love.

Waooooo! @trevonjb You are just too good I love your strategies its fun i will continue to follow your videos and definitely introduce it to my friends. thanks for the info. I will also want you to give more information on how to make money from bitconnect. One other thing you look funny and i like that

Bittrex mobile friendly?!? Would take part of the challenge

Your such an inspiration! Loved the vid brother!
I wish I could do videos,,, but my topic would not allow it :P

Great video!

not a bad idea though

The faces you make are lit 😂

hello bro i just need some help can add me on face book to know bitcoin how earning just tell me and thx

@trevonjb nice and very informative channel best of luck have a good day ahead thankyou

Hi. I am new here and every day i get frustrated . plz plz help me . i beg to you........ 🙈

why your 24 bitcoin not up

I started doing something similar last week.

I'm not as rich as you, so I have just 0.015BTC spread across 10 coins. The thing you have to watch out for doing it on the cheap like this is that Bittrex has a 0.0005BTC minimum trade so I'm trading 1/3 of any one holding but as the pot grows, that will get easier.

You're right though, it's all about having fun!

This sounds way easier than my plan to find a wallet with multiple currencies and the fox thingy. I'm going to hunt your older videos.
BTW it's hard to hear you at the middle, music is to loud.

I am doing something like this too :)

Great video!!! I hope you made more. #trevonjb

very interesting I really like your posts I always follow your post there are many interesting things that I find. and I share your submissions to other friends. visit my post

Follow an fot me @imranroza

haha doing it now. Just have fun as you said.