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Rumors of Segwit activation have the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on a slight pump today. Lets see if the excitement continues.


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It's probably relatively easy to manipulate the Cryptomarkets considering that there is not much regulation involved. I would have really preferred it if the markets would have gone down a bit more so I could have bought some cheaper coins.


you had your chance.


Yes, very true. I guess I just have to wait until the next time.


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Thanks so much for that :)

That sounds good! @trevonjb

you doing great man .. just a little steps backwards to make many steps forward, #positive thinking..

Intangible coins goin' up n down for intangible reasons...

[from] (...and by the cabal operatives/banks...)




I read an article that said that China is responsible for manipulating the bitcoin price.


That wouldn't surprise me at all, the bizarre market motions made me think that banks/ whales were heavily manipulating the price


That is the most awesome gif I have ever seen!




This was expected to happen anytime.

I kind of hope things take at least another leg down but that's looking unlikely.

It all comes down to BIP91, were at 75% and only need 80. If we lock in at 80% prepare for lift off cause we haven't seen anything yet!!
This is what the whales are watching

I don't think it is segwit. The market is just responding to more certainty.

There are definitely some real problems with segwit:

In short, SegWit can flip the incentives for some (bandwidth restricted) miners such that they benefit from not downloading or verifying the transaction signatures. For a user, this causes a SegWit transaction to be less secure than a non-segwit one. A non-SegWit transaction is secure with the assumption that no attack is able to obtain more than 51% of the network hashrate. With SegWit, this becomes 51% - (percent of miners with flipped incentives).

If 20% of miners end up in a situation where they are not downloading signatures because it is more profitable for them not to, a 31% miner can attack the network effectively. Security becomes 51% - X.

The bigger problem is that it is very hard to estimate the proportion of miners with this flip in incentives before their portion grows too large and an attack occurs. This basically means that SegWit transactions will always be less secure than normal Bitcoin P2PKH transactions. Even if just by the smallest bit, this is what fundamentally breaks the fungibility of Bitcoin.

This video had me laughing at your outbursts. I think this is my favourite video from you so far, Trevon. Good job!

So informative but yet so entertaining...I love it.

Shoutout to notification squad pounded that like button and i want that free steem =) . Fud over finaly segwit its on its way . I would love to have my first referal by you on genesis especialy if its btc mining code "53gnbr". I would wait for x11 contratcts on genesis bitmain are launching 15 gh x11 asics 😐 . Miss that dash cam to see that caos ;) keep it up . Love from spain ;) boooming and mooning .

eventually this market will meet new demands and other coin will rise to number one

Man I was really looking forward to August 1st. I'm still going to get my monies ready in case something does happen so I can buy buy buy!

I fell in the same boat as you. I bought $500 worth when Bitcoin was around $1800 but I was keeping the bulk of my investment until later because I thought it would decrease more. I still believe we could see more downside in a couple days. It stopped short of the $2400 resistance line so that could be an indication that we're heading back down. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the info, love being on top of things but often don't know where to look.

I've really enjoyed watching your videos recently. Dont sweat it too bad. It'll go back down eventually. That fork kind of got us all. Lol. Chaincoin😂😂😂

First Comment, YES!!!!!!



Oops, not.

Thank you for giving away free Steem and everything you do. Mixing humor and wisdom goes far. Tell Morgan Freeman I send my regards.

I watched the video of Tone Vays and man I liked your version better. ;o)

I think it is going to bounce abit before it really rebonse.

This whole month is going to be a wild ride. I don't think you lost your chance to take advantage of the turmoil in the market. Glad there is no hard fork so we'll see how things go. I love your videos man, great stuff. Keep up the good work.

I don't think it will last. The crash will continue, and my cash is ready!

More road rage vlogs! Lmao

This is good if prices go up but bad if become a trap for investors

This was planned all along. Noone wants to ruin Bitcoin, specially Ver who has almost a billion worth of it



Nice meme :)


I always love this haha, up or down

i think the bottom is still coming but i am totally in for segwit! i think btc is going to go nuclear by the end of the year. i am totally gonna just ride out bcc for a little bit more. i am not trusting that this fork issue has been sidestepped yet. i can't wait. this is better than a soap opera.

I remember watching your videos on youtube from a while ago (seems like almost a year or maybe less). You've made some SERIOUS and TREMENDOUS progress since back then. Congrats to you @trevonjb !

Bitcoin probably going to go back down to 1900 again even if that was the bottom @ 1760. We need something on bitcoin cuz it costs too much damn money to transact with!

Man you were really pissed in this video @trevonjb

I feel you bro
I feel you

geez louise!! lol

Upvoted and also resteemed :)

Let's hope the excitement doesn't continue and multiple coins bottom out so we can sweep them up at a low price.

Yay the return of vlogging while driving! Haha I can understand why you would be pissed with the current rise in BTC - the opportunity to buy some super cheap BTC has passed for now. But it is great to know that there is no more FUD in the crypto space now that we're headed for Segwit on BTC -pumps for everyone!

It's time to buy more!

Well i dont know, i think crypto use to go up on monday and usually on friday starts going down...

How high were you when you made this video? If you weren't high, maybe you should be?

Bitcoin be like.. JJpD9_f-thumbnail-100-0_s-600x0.jpg

Definitely makes for interesting markets

AAaaah! Champaign Crypto! I knew you had to be down with the Crypto Maniacs! It's a boom like no other!

Very nice

Thanks for this information.

Sale is almost over lol. Im pissed too! Here to Genesis code "9OZorF" if you are upgrading I used your code awhile back tbh. I'm buying Steem also lol because I feel that it is a bit more important to power up too. Thanks Trevon nice kicking it with you, peace!

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Great post your videosare very informative

Bitcoin going to very fast and very good digital currency.

Boooooooo!!!! everybody dump so I can afford plis

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Today is 25th. Crypto market is going good .
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I did about 7 trades in a row with nem/btc it just followed btc up and down but trailed with a 3 minute delay it was so easy lol