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No longer putting what the video is about here in the post.


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If I was a YouTube personality, my goal would be to have Trevon James do an impersonation of me, that would be the ultimate!


yeaaah true

"To all the non-believers, shout out to you, this is a boom like no other! Uh, The Lites you guys, Look at the Lites, KABOOM!" Champagne Crypto, He's honestly one of my favorites, just did a tribute post to him

If you missed selling it at a good price, it might just be better to hold for now. There is a possibility that BCH might rise over time.

It definitely was a good idea not to sell it. I am actually quite surprised by how much it went up.

Man the thumbnails killing me 😂😂
@trevonjb make up your mind,bruhhhh


Know what you mean :-D


It his BCC he can do what he likes, hes the one that will make a win or lose decision! So changing his mind is apart of the crypto sphere its unpredictable! ;)


Yeaah i'm only playing,I'm constantly changing my narrative on what I invest in.
Indeed it is an unpredictable market.


Yes I understand dude! No offence! 🔥😎

"No longer putting what the video is about here in the post"

I had my bitcoins in Trezor and they lied about supporting bitcoin cash :(

What ever the most people say, do the oposite! This usually works out! Like they said BCC will not get a touch over $500 how wrong where the GURUs

The Koreans will either make or break Bitcoin Cash. The volume today on Bithumb is crazy. I say keep you BCH and don't listing to the haters telling you it doesn't stand a chance - it does!

Bithumb's BCH volume today:


Not a good strategy to hold Bitcoin cash....just today itself it has gown down by 30% and by the end of the week it may go down by another 50%...


Not sure small blockers got enough bitcoin cash to do that.

We will see how it plays out.

Got to do what you personally think is right, cheers mike

you are Styling with this out-fit T :)

It might be higher than $5000 in a few years. Depends on what happens with the USD...

you make smart decisions
I am with you.... amazing video :)

Nice thoughts @trevonjb by holding BCC it should gives you a very nice profit.

I would sell right now, and then buy it a bit after the price crashes down when people get enough confirmations on the exchanges to dump it.

Why don't you trust hashflare? The projected returns seem decent, plus the price is cheap.

It seems to me that bitcoin cash is better now to sell, and in a couple of days to buy - at a lower price.

I never got a chance to get some Bitcoin Cash by exporting my Exodus wallet private keys but no problem - at least I don't have to hold any bags today! Looking forward to your next coin count video - always inspired by seeing you accumulate more BTC and STEEM everyday!

I don't sell it either. ;-)

yeah i was thinking that i would get in and sell for profit but im going to wait for it to go down more. I understand where your coming from though. You already missed that boat because you couldnt sell when you wanted to. and since it was free anyway it doesnt matter if you hold through just hope it does go back up. Which im sure it will people gonna buy the shit out of it when it drops below 100 they might be buying now lol.

I missed the live stream your intros and thumbnails are hilarious. 😂

yes mister @trevo u r right about btc and bcc like ur always videos

Hi trevon thanks for the post i just upvoted you

congrats on the update n I still say a tesla or bmw x6 for leasing

There are always people buying bitcoin. The thing about markets are there's always people coming in, exiting, for different reasons. Necessity, opportunity, all these factors combined to drive the market. Lotta new people WILL be heading into bitcoin SOON. Lets watch, cannabis infused popcorn ready!

200 usd on bitcoin gamble :-D amazing and wow 2 bitcoin a day - unbelieveable. All my tuitiob fee for three years in a half month earned hahahahaha crazy shit!


Just found your channel after looking for more details on BitConnect. Dope...thanks for the knowledge. been watching your other videos too. also sell that shit @trevonjb

Bitcoin Cash can go to the moon, but I am glad that I sold all my BCC. It just does not make sense having, something that you do not like or want.

A simple way to describe why BitConnect isn't fun with $100 is that you can't do the DAILY reinvest. It's really all about making it a DAILY reinvest.

yes @trevon sir u say right by holding bcc now i think i follow u in these situations for holding bcc

Love the outfit with the music.

ride the wave up and dump it ! =D

Hold on why not it is free money? for me its probably $50 to sell now so i will wait.

Hi Trevon, love your show. Keep em coming and keep em funny. How can I know when you go live so I can tune in!

lol that intro:)

Thanks For Share.

i don't know how to get my bitcoin cash, all my bitcoin were in and poloniex. Any ideas?

I'm just holding my BCH!

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"No longer putting what the video is about here in the post"

hope this goes well for you I have no bitcoin so I never got any bitcoin cash

Let that Grass grow mate! the trip will be endless!

Is bitcoin cash really sustainable?
What's your prospect for BCC in the nearest future?

You are a very enjoyable YouTube personality. Genuine and down to earth. Been enjoying your steemit centric videos

I don't think BCH will last, its high now and you been in the BCH game a long time, id say sell.