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Funny how 24 hours of extra thought and convo in my livestream can totally change everything


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finally, a nice shirt


Haha you guys are messing around aren't you;)


yo @craig-grant i thought the same exact shit!!!!!! bout time dude went shopping again gotta stay fresh in the summer time!

im either gonna put a sell in @ about 3000 USDT and hope for a squeeze, prolly do that pivx n LTC split 3 ways. gonna stay up all night and watch that shit like a hawk!

im also hoping for that ideal situation where I can get my BTC off at a high price and buy back in like 10% cheaper then it moons!!!

im keepin my shit on bittrex so i can move shit right after the snapshot block

LOL anyone watching you in your car doing the intro must be like What the F&#K! I'm interested to see how we claim the free BCC with the BTC private key. If you go that route hopefully you can show us a step by step how you do it. Thanks Tre


That would be very handy.

that's what I been say'en man...

  • buy the dips, and after the fork, you buy the dip.
  • but after that, say Sept. ----> hello 4200+ btc...

Totally agree, $3000 is a solid price target.

It's crazy to see the number of shorts on Bitfinex - there is roughly double the long positions. Link:

Either way it's going to be a wild ride - good luck everyone and may all your trades be winners! 😅

Interesting theory @trevonjb! It is probable that bitcoin is going to fall significantly after the fork. And Bcash as well. Making a profit off high btc then going in later and buying much cheaper btc and perhaps Bcash sounds like a super plan to me! :)

Nice job on your strategy appreciate you for giving us your insight on the situation. Kinda excited and also very anxious on what will happen but feel like this small bump in the road will be something to look back on and laugh.

That's a really nice shirt you're wearing in the video. I'm actually kind of hoping BTC goes down after the fork so I can pick up some extra coins for a cheaper price. Afterwards, I am pretty sure that it would rise again.

I'm so ready for Bitcoin to skyrocket after this, I'm holding until the end of August $4,500 per Bitcoin or even longer than that even.

Very interesting plan for trading the fork. I wish I could play, but my exchange is not allowing any bitcoin transactions for a few days. So I am just hanging on through the fork and will see what happens to my hat! Thanx for the great video.


Sounds good! Have a wonderful day OK? :-)


Thank you so much. I upvoted you. Strangely enough, my vote didn't end up giving you any money, not even 1 cent! I don't understand this, because I haven't upvoted anybody in 2 weeks, so my vote should be getting stronger! Steem on


Thanks! Have a wonderful day!

What if tomorrow turns out to be a non event?? Place your bets!



steep train:O


This gif is really fun! Thank you for posting this. I love enthusiasm. I upvoted you and will follow your blog. Steem on.

Thanks.. I love your strategy.. Am so scared about tomorrow. Resteemed Boss
Please check my post


I'm beginning to love him ,too...he,he.


I'm following you and upvote your post.
Now your turn @evelyniroh

Excellent steem jesus.

Intangible Fork-Emonium ... We Will Survive ~ Going Supernova

Hey man have you played on Seals lately? Its been super dead on there and I haven't even bothered logging in. By the way thanks for upvoting my post about EOS- I wrote a price analysis partly because you had mentioned wanting to buy it (briefly).

I love that look on your face anytime I open my feed!

Wow!!!! Lovely and kudos to you guy


Damn, missed the live show if this was live, can't wait to see what your take is before tomorrow comes

I love the faces you make there the best an without a doubt catch my attention.

I thought right about that strategy a few days ago and i think i will stick to it


Sounds good! Have a wonderful day OK? :-)

Great post!!!!
Let's se tomz what will gone do btc is go alot down then is a chance to get good profit


I saw the video on youtube already. at what time the fork will happen? can someone tell the exact time in GMT. thanks.

So the bcc we have will be sold the first hours :0

See you live in the morning! @trevonjb

hey btw, you know what´s happening with genesis?

Always great to see your posts, good strategic move...upped.


I agree, also upvoted.


welcome,keep up the good work.


Thanks have a great day!




Why is the cash one so low?

My role model. You always inspire me. Keep up the good work. 👍

Congratulations for your excellent post, I invite you to follow us and we grow faster, greetings

Let's all just take a deep breath, And hold it until tomorrow...

Why dump? I don't think people are going to dump that much. If people buy more Bitcoin to transfer money from their unwanted Bitcoin Cash I think they are going to keep their Bitcoins. Some may sell.. but just some

You can do iiitt!!


Live hardfork watch 6:30 AM

My fork strategy is to spin the spaghetti till I have a nice wad. Then eat it!

YESSS another car vlog from my favorite crypto blogger! Looking forward to this Bitcoin Fork tomorrow and at the very least get some free Bitcoin Cash in my Exodus wallet. It's pretty weird to see BTC stay so stable these past 2 days and hope for a pump tomorrow. Nice T-shirt Tre!

Hey trevonjb thank you for letting us know your strategy,
After the fork I'm thinking bitcoin will fall to $2500 but bitcoin cash will fall to $100 then slowly rise up. I will keep watching it as it falls until I see it starting to rise then buy like 50 bitcoin cash to keep!

Thank you for that, didn't know about the ctrl-shift-d. Have a great Aug 1. ;)

Nice strategy I am looking to do the same strategy ! Thanks for the video and the great job Have a nice "fork" :D

Dude!, not sure if that strategy could really work, as exchanges may close withdraw and deposits around and during the fork (some already have closed it)... Trading may be possible if you already have the coins on the exchange, but getting your BTC from your wallet to exchange, not sure...

BTC is going all the way up!!! :)

Well let the party begin .

I am excited to see what happens with all this BTC fork. Either way, I am ready and holding BTC.
I am also holding other cryptos like LTC just in case. I really like the Litecoin. Ill be watching either way.
Good luck with your plan of getting your steem moved to BTC.
Thanks for the video.

how did these intros for your vids start?

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Great content! Too much confusion and uncertainty going on around right now.

I wouldn't expect bitcoin to act like altcoins do during forks, after all, Bitcoin is the KING! Everyone knows Bitcoin Cash is an alt

I got a plan no one else is talking about for the fork. Buy BCC when it gets super cheap.

Great advice Trevonjb checking the wallet right now :)

Thanks for the info about Exodus wallet!

Excellent way from you tell us all things

im buying a shirt too, i cant be looking like a bum no more. by the way polo lending rate up 400%

good good. Each person makes their chess move,
wins or loses!!!!!!!!!

I put my money on JAXX, there are still rumors about a 3rd coin from bitshares too.. Otherwise I would have kept it on a mostly trusted exchange to get the faster sell.. You are guessing what I'm guessing now. We will see when it happens. Good luck out there, maybe I will try to catch the stream for the first time manyana.

I really appreciate your effort and energy you put in all those days to make your videos and share your content on those topics. Definitely going to share that with my friends.

I'm gonna see the video right now

nice job @trevonjb daumen hoch.gif

Let me ask you something..... do you usually upvote other people content?

Just trying to watch it in youtube the direct but was stopping all the time. Hope it was because all the people was in there... Peace!

I like your energy Cuz, keep it going.

Have you dumped bitcoincash yet dude?

I just wanna thank you for my reward. Greatly appreciated 👍

A shirt Design Nice........hahaha

Aways good!! Thank you very much to share this with us! A hug from Brasil!

That smile freaks me out! But funny though!

Upvoted and following! As a new Steemian I kept seeing your handle and tag pop up on other people's article from time to time so I was like, let me check this guy out. Word is you know your stuff and new Steemians like myself can learn a lot from you! I'm sure you heard this before but thanks for the content!