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in trevonjb •  2 years ago

You can do it to. Just show you life and express your thoughts through media platforms. Do that for a year and a half and money will chase you.


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crypto currency will penetrate the general public some day. giggity

I've been following you on YT for a long time Trevon, amazing to see how far you've come. Very motivational!

Thanks for the video. You really show how you well you can on social media by posting consistently.

I hope one day I can live just on cryptocurrency. It's amazing that you're able to live on it.

It is so awesome Trevon and Craig that you are living the dream! Blessings to you and your families.

living the dream

Thoroughly enjoyed this different type of video. You definitely suit the day to day vlog style of video. It looks like you're having a very fun time out there with Craig and your family.

You aint lying buddy! Got to put in that work before you get paid, respect and been following you on here and all over social media, love the hustle! Much love and success bro, live it up with Craig!

Upvoted and RESTEEM'd!

It is all coming together for you all now. lol..... good

Money has never chased me, and I can't imagine its going to start now, but I have lived most of my working life doing things that i love, so cant complain. Thanks for making videos that I can understand and learn from!

Good to know. You're my inspiration for keep working on cryptos!

You oversimplify man. I been following you for a bit now. You made all this happen. You right, I can too, but it's gonna take some mental visualization

says you are living at Mrytle Beach on your blog.. must be a beautiful place. Glad you are living your dream...

Living the dream - looks like you guys are having a good time!

Living that good life! Good for you homie! Keep up the great work and great videos. I appreciate you sharing your adventure.

that view looks unreal btw bro, gorgeous

Very sound and inspiring advice Trevon! And even better when you can earn a living doing what you love. Now that's the real American dream! Hope you and Craig are having a great time in Miami - enjoy!

Dope, I saw the Uber driver on craigs post, fun to see it from the other angle haha!

Never looking back on Fiat.. oppps there goes my Gucci wallet to the bin!

Oh man you had me rollin at Craig Grant Style, seeing him walking around holding the phone out LOL

If you Steemit, they will come!

Seriously, you will get from this exactly what you put into it!

way to be man! taking it one step further to freedom town! gahhh thats one hell of a view! i love when i drop the crypto talk people my way are still huuuuhhhhh, crypto whaaaaaatttt lolol

I try to have patience in life, but it's not a life skill taught in school. I find it is essential in controlling money-otherwise money controls you.

I would REALLY love to live off of blogging or cyprtos or something similar! Any tips on how to get there faster?


Heyy Tre is awesome right?? One thing he taught me was to be consistent, and one thing I always do is just be myself :)


Yea consistency is important on blogging I'm sure!

One can only dream...
Or is it possible for one to live their dream?

Nice. Thanks for the advice I'll give it a try. Dude you are awesome. I see you doing your thing everyday. I'm even subscribed to your YouTube channel. Every time you do I a give away I be one of the first to join and last to leave yet never got anything. Still all good because the advice you give is just as valuable. Thanks for everything thus far brother. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

My two favorite crypto youtubers :D <3

I've pretty much been that way except for my cash tips. I spend my tips for everyday life and my bills crypto

Awesome Man!!

This is why we Steemit. If we persevere we will all be able to do this. Great job.

That's the dream, maybe someday I can live only with cryptocurrency! :D

Thank you buddy, you inspire me everyday on pushing everyday. I wish I can get a community to share thoughts and get into social projects about cryptos but I guess that could happen after showing what I can do for people!

i will try to make it happen!

shieet and I just started a new job (60k a year) you make me want to quit and go live somewhere in southeast asia

One of your best videos so far!!! :))


I'm so happy for him :)

That's awesome @trevonjb keep up the great work - If you are a foodie check out my page too ;-) I also added you on Steemvoter Bro - Cheers

Congratulations on your success! I hope that I can get to a point where I can just quit my day job, and be able to travel the world again!

What an inspiration to see u and Craig living off crypto, hope to get to a place where am also living off crypto. Thank u for sharing...cute baby at the end :)


Shout out to Uncle Craig lol :) And that baby is the best wing man everrrr lol!

As I told your brother Craig earlier, you guys are my motivation and I smile every time I see y'all winning. I'm taking it a day at a time exploring new boundaries in this cryptocurrency world. Thanks for the motivation and keep on shining your light brother. Steem on steemiteer

So proud of both of you guys!!

Awesome content man! I just learning from you how to make money here on Steemit and i'm so excited about it. I'm live in Brazil, so I can also take advantage of the low-value of our currency. This crypto world is just blowing my mind.

Cheers and keep this valueable work!

My goal is to retire off it!!
Blessings to you!!

You're an inspiration and an example on how cryptos can change lives for anyone who puts in the work and time required :) stay awesome

Good to know. You're my inspiration

This is the future, everybody will live this way in 20 years. And we, the pioneers will be rich because they started to late with using cryptos $$$ .

Watched the video last night, hope to be like you and craig one day.

You have no idea how long I have tried to get something going online with sometimes good success but nothing long term. Watching your videos really inspires me. Seeing how fat your wallet is makes my jaw drop. Your videos are very helpful. I recently watched your 2 weeks video and really do appreciate you helping people out.

Some people say steemit has a steep learning curve but I say that is kind of a good thing. Only serious people want to be here. Especially in the early stages it is nice to have your tips and advice. Thanks again. Man that place is beautiful!

you have totally showed me a wonderful way to have a second income. watching you start out and and just handle your business has been insane. i am working on my angle to start my own vlog about my life. thanks for the inspiration.

That's awesome. Congratulations for reaching that level. I hope to be there someday.

Great Life trevonjb you can do almost whatever you want don't you? :) keep going!.

Thank you info :) + upvote + follow
follow me also friend

I rock with that so heavy my dog!

My grandpa always said all you need in this world is love and knowledge because he doesn't know of any intelligent person who can't make some money!

I'm enjoying every bit of this grind, and I know I'll be where you are eventually. Cheers to your and Craig's success my dog!

Upvoted and resteem'd ;)

Though I'm a novice with cryptocurrency, I most definitely want to supplement, then eventually live off of all things cryptocurrency. Thanks for sharing all that you share bro!

Nice Tagline bro!!! 100% on crypto

Living on cryptocurrency sounds pretty cool. I will be able to do it soon as well, hopefully! Cheers! :)

Cheers man. Appreciate you sharing your wisdom

Dope man. Inspiring even.

U earned it man! Ppl enjoy what u do and u make $ from it. Keep living

Good for you. Have a good time.

Let the crypto rain

My goal this year is be able to live 100% with crypto.

Thanks for the motivation :)


@trevonjb, what do you think of our proposal about how to use Blockchain technology to make the internet free of charge with not censorship?

Thank you for sharing. There are small money in Crypto for now. As it becomes more popular, the more money that will flow in.
Nice to see the possibilities with Cryptos
Thanks for sharing

Damn even the Uber driver probably got some coins of his own! That's always good news tho!

Its only a matter of time!

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brooo i want your life! >..<

People like you are the reason I got into crypto in the first place! Your a role model man!


Cryptocurrency the soccer of global digital excellency for live

Congrats on your achievements! I hope to live off of crypto in the near future aswell.

Hi @trevonjb another video that say all. I live the dream here in Asia but not with steem so now i put some of my time in Steem because i believe in this big project. ^ and follow you. Love and Happiness

I never thought the future would be people trading digital currency, making videos, and playing video games for money.

Life is to be enjoyed my dude. Thnx for sharing! Raise that family up! More power to you

What camera do you use for vlogging?

Hi, Trevor. I have just started watching your videos on YT. You give a wonderful and clear perspective on building a good life. I thank you for waking me up. Now I am on Steemit less than a week later. :) You are awesome, dude and definitely blessed. I just upvoted, followed and resteemed. Please, follow me, too. Thanks, again.

Thanks T ! :)

jjaja se da la vida que se merece ...algunos apenas la buscamos....trevon cual es la clave

What a life! Great work.
I love the content you put out on Youtube too!

it's good to see that this really possible!

Is that on the US? Im tryna figure it out to do somethign similar in Uruguay... but not sure yet how

I'm interested in what your story is beginning to end in crypto. Posting videos and investing the money? Are you part of a club or program? Thanks in advance for your answer!

hi, trevon. I like your posts man.
I just started my blog and i need a lot of advice as i am trying to change my financial life as soon as I can to avoid some disasters from happening.

I'm bout to get me some dreads an go Craig style myself! gotta get that new cellphone camera and a hotel room! hope i get some up votes or I'm gonna be swiping the credit card lol... This made my day watching my two favorite steemers in 1 location... haha gotta luvLIFE

Good post!!! Thanks + upvote


Always enjoy your posts! Keep up the good work!

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