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If you're reading this, it's not too late! I am currently live on YouTube giving away FREE STEEM! About $300 dollars worth! This time its for hitting 13,000 subscribers on YouTube. If you want a chance to win follow these rules...

  1. Upvote this post with 100% voting power
  2. Follow me
  3. Resteem this post
  4. Come join us live on YouTube and play along :)

No cheating because I will be using to check :)

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Lol what is this kind of game?

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Hahahahaha I won the Grand Finale! I waited on your profile the entire time XD

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Username...harleytoots. ..upvoted...resteemed...shared utube and this on facebook.. Tafznt

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nice vid man.......

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Even did xtra its worth it face book can bring more to your to give back

Mine as low as low can u go

Already follow u

I am still learnibg stuf....need to be lifted up!!!!!

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I hope i win! Its never to late he said i trust him! it-s-science-o-s.gif

I hope I can get in on one of these free steem giveaways. I almost always miss them.

Congrats on the 13k followers. It's definitely going to reach 20k soon.

Cool @trevonjb
Today could be my day to earn some steem.
Keep on steemit

Damn I missed it. But congratulations to all of the winners!

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The steemit jesus giving back to the poor


straight to the top, there is no stopping you, lets get thru next week and keep going to the moon and dropping the bomb on all the haters

Yooooo Tre! Lemme get some of that Free Bread too!

Congrats on 13000!

Thanks for the Steem Tre!

That's going to be a shit show

I'm still pooping tre.

[email protected] u dont say the "O" don't say it at all

great stuff thanks bro i like it :*

Congrats #trevonjb

Awesome duuuuude!!

Learning tons about Crypto from you. Thanks Tre!

Yeaaah @trevonjb keep it up !

Where the free bread at?

Did everything Tre!! Grats on 13k!!!! @trevonjb

upvoted and resteemed.


you are the man! Thank you for helping this community so much!

Your Zimbabwe shirt was awesome.

Send me some dank steem trevon!!!!

very good post i see it...and upvoted u and followed u for more learen from ur posts

thats great ..congratulation..up & rs

Here's to 20,000 followers by next month!

Thank for the chance bro.

u are the best man! ;)

Nice man Will be watching for sure

....and another one! Loving these

Congrats, upvoted and resteemed

@trevonjb is getting generous :D

Ready all the steps

Hope I win upvoted and resteemed

pickle juice -- funny -- something funny? give some pls

Done :D


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Smash that like button :):) resteemed!!

How do you get your Voting Power to 100%? :)

you da man

The more power (Steam Power) you have the easier it is.. Eh Trevon?

treeeee pleaseeee pick me im a daily watcher pls pls

I been trying out 13 34 again on Bittrex, thanks. It really is awesome to see you grow so fast nowadays. Man, I didn't get no love but I had a cameo I guess I dont upvote enough...

@trevonjk I love money

Wow! Congratulations for your 13k followers!

Hope I win :)


gimmie gimmie TriHard

We earn alot . so we can give alot .. Awayy.. And earn more. Steem jeezus thats great!

You Awesome Trevon, love your vídeos ..keep it up ...thank you!!! Lol from Brazil - #trevonjb

Congrats Keep up the good work!

Done done and done. Thanks for the chance bro!

My friend I have Upvoted , followed you ad used your code for GM and thanks to you some of the things I know about steemit is because of your video. But unfortunately you have not even moved a finger. I have proof of GM and you can check the steemnew to see that I am right. I hope you do something about it. Cheers.

i hope i get something from this giveaway :)

Thanks a lot mate!

Good deal T. So happy to retweet this and to resteem it too.

Memo 3d04d03365184c308da


Hope am not too late today and congrats on reaching 13000 subscribers, wish you continue success

Yo HelicopterTrevonjb ! Like helicopter Ben Bernanke drop me some Steem baby! Want to power up and join the revolution on steemit!

If you give me those $300 bro i am here i will use to buy more power.

What's up Tre now your giving away that FU money!

Congrats 😊
I'm new here
I watched your videos in YouTube is just amazing 😍

I remember you achieved 12k subs before some days! Your progress is really great! Congrats again! I hope you will earn the silver reward from YT as soon as posible!

That's awesome trevonjb. Keep up the great work bro.

Brother, as you sai I have done but I did not get gift from you yet... Thanks

why the hell do i miss every of your giveaway by 1 hr ..dont know why,, may be the unlucky ones,,anyway congrats buddy on ur 13k subscribers

Finally found you on Steemit lol good stuff ✌️

Nice bro! Always good to give

I love your photos! You are such a goof ball :)

Nice trick to get more followers!!!!!! HA HA

Congratulations on all of your success so far! I recently found you on Youtube and you are the reason that I am here now. Keep up the awesome work!

I want to win somee!!

This is a fun game. Steem on!

AM i TOO late for this? :(

Congrates done all the steps !!!

yo tre

Upvoted and resteemed

Up voted and resteemed.

Lets Upvote each other's comments

Upvoted and Resteem #trevonjb pls follow back.

Yesss another STEEM giveaway! Just upvoted you w/100%, resteemed your post and you know I always follow your awesome blog! Thanks Trevon!

congratulatios :)

oh man ive been offline seeing you on feed just made me laugh so loud love it......

Congrats for the 13k man o/

Hey Trevon show me the steem

Done all the tasks.. now show me ur love :D

what about me?

Watching upvoted resteemed etc etc nice shirt !

I'll try my best hope I win

I always miss the giveaways I turn my notifications on though

Resteem and Upvote

I am your follower :) and u know that ? your posts are super, post more like these! @ronaldmcatee

I think I am late as usual. Never won anything in my life, I am used to it now

TAFzNt...username Harleytoots...I need to get this train running faster need more steem power!!!! Upvoted...Resteemed. .follow u...shared on facebook...and went to utube video n shared

Congrats on 13k follower ...keep doing work it will reach to 20k followers

thank you for this post it is a great job #upvoteforupvote

i Think you know, i am your follower :) that's because i like your posts :) @ronaldmcatee


Aye @trevonjb kool watching you live on YouTube