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If you're lucky you're ready this within an hour of me going live, because if you are you have a chance to come to the live stream and win :)


  1. Must upvote this post (I will check during the live stream) :)

Go to my live stream here:

Use my code " TAFzNt " to get 3% off of genesis mining and I will use your code live in one of my live streams
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Give everyone some of that Steem / SBD

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So what's this about bro, I've upvoted lol

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 1.51.36 PM.png

THANKS FOR ADDING ME TO YOUR STEEMVOTER ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 1.55.51 PM.png


Yea pretty cool! This dude rocks

I really hope I get into one these giveaways. I always seem to miss them.

Balls in! I see myself live!

Nice man seen you! I got lucky and scored a spot on his Steemvoter. Sweet!

I just did a giveaway yesterday too! Love giving away to people!

Thanks Trevon!

Great give away. Give away is the best to promote.

If y'all aint doing this with your steem that was given to you, KILL YO SELF!!

I hope i will get the share

Thanks Trevon for spreading some love to the community, sadly all my post are in spanish lol

@trevonjb i wasnt there this time but, i for sure will be at the next one ;P

Hey Trevon new to steemit wondering if you have any tips to start off?

Yo-yo. I'm on the YouTube watching @trevonjb thanks for the give away. Congrats to all the winners. O and if you want to check my page out feel free. I normally take photos of objects in space if that's something any of you like

I never win. ):

Joe Dirt Needs A Steem Bump! Thank you!

Hi, bro! I saw your stream but didn't understand how to write something to live-chart. It's a little difficult to do something from the phone (not PC). So take my upvote and have a good night:-)

Great move! @trevonjb I love your giveaway. More Steemians should do that. That will help the community a lot. Thanks for that. Username @melowd #23

Steemit Zimbabwe in the house also watching


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Niceee :)

Nice about me ;)


© copyright - all rights reserved by @tinashe

Its for steemitZimbabwe use only.



Thanks @trevonjb for being so generous to this great community.... Steem On!


Steem on!!

Yo Done it for fun :))) come on Trevon let me earn some $$$ Today :)))
Nice Idea !!!
Good luck for everyone !!!

we on steem fam. @danielownsall

Great, thanks Trevon

Hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones.



Too bad I missed it, but well Congratulations to the winner. Cheers

Watching now


I love STEEM!!

TRE YOUR AWESOME! Keep up the great work! I'm following your footsteps! I want to be your apprentice!

thanks james for giveaway you are lovely

Done upvoted, watching the live video

This is awesome man, Can't wait to start doing stuff like this for other steemian. Thanks for all the vids you've been doing Trevon. Very helpful. I'm building a team and the things I learn from you help me help my fellow minnows. 👊🏼

Great Trevon! Like your livestreams when i get to see them.

Haha. This is awesome man. I just woke up.

I'm in I can't wait!!

Upvoted, Resteemed and Tweeted. Congrats on another 1000 Trevon and many more to come!

You are the man bro. Props!

Thanks, very cool that you're doing a giveaway, steem on :)

thanks for the information and sharing !!!

Upvoted my man TREVOR - See ya in the live feed honey! Mention me brother

Trevon you always get my upvote automatic because I added Your accountname on
Will try to watch but it's allready 10pm over over in the Netherlands 👍👍👍

Cool! In stream now.

Of Course I upvoted this POST..........STEEM Please

Thanks for being the leader you are.

Done bro up vote

My man Trevon going live with the giveaway!!!

You are an inspiration. That's what's up.

You're awesome man, thanks for always giving back to the community in a variety of ways!

​I upvoted and followeed also a referral on bitconnect

I like counting your coins better

brooooooo !!!!! i will happy with even the 10 percent of it....... pleaseeeeeeeeeee

cryptocoinptrs 7

Cross my fingers!!!

re posting now. Nice new gain of followers. Keep doing what you doing brother.

You are one of the best dudes to follow on Steemit. Thanks for all that you do for this great community.

done, upvoted.!!!

What a nice giveaway! Very generous :D

Yo, what we gotta do

Hi @trevonjb

You are great.


Very nice upvote ! 2nd🐦🐋🐳🐠

I want to wiiiin 😀

I'm live wit cha boy! Show some steem luv!

I love the vids!!! keep up!

I am eatching now just upvote 7

watching right now!!!!

That's cool !

Done voting 7

Send me steem buddy. Lol. Steem is where it's at....

upvoted and resteemed

Damn there I was again commenting in YouTube lol

watching the livestream now!

I love these live streams and giveaways. Keeping the wealth in the Steemit community! Thanks man.

Did I win haha

200 dollar really i need :(

A good way to give back, good thing your doing. ..

trevon the crypto robin hood