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If you're lucky, you're reading this while I'm still live. So click the video and head over to my youtube and join us while I celebrate 10,000 subscribers on YouTube by giving away FREE steem to everyone during the live stream. If you're reading this late, then subscribe so you don't miss when I do it again at 15,000 subscribers.


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Congrats! heres to 15,000


congrats mate @trevonjb

10K!!! way to go @trevonJB good to know its official now!

Hey Trevon, Catchy post that's why I'm here;) and Life on Youtube:P.

Shoot me an upvote I'm on your live YouTube right now


Me too


Follow Me Back dear !


Any hinters on how to gain serious followers? Great job.


3600 followers!!! on Steemit awesome. you got the midas touch!!!!


literally just watched you upvote my comment on YouTube live, technology is amazing lol

Congrats bud :). About to watch it right now, also resteemed for great justice!

On YouTube live now, congrats!

Yay! Finally caught one of your streams!

Notification squad!!! Whats up Trevon!!! Show me the Steem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I hope he showed you some love too! Tre-Da-Crypto-God blessed me with a lil something something! #LETSGO

Congrats on the 10K!!!

Was I first man? Yes, first mwahaha! Congrats Trevon and thank you for everything you do. To 100k bro no problem. We will help :) He upvoted me and I won 1 Steem! On the Live Stream

whaooo, this is awesome.

how is it this post is 7 mins old and already has almost 60 comments!?!?!
keep on keeping on tre!!!

Congrats! Yeah buddy.

I WON IT TY SO MUCH TREV.... Edit: Well i was gonna, idk what happened, he was bout to send me some steem but its like he forgot or something. He even enter my name to see if my account was real and it was, but he never sent any, it really hurt my feeling cause i got all happy for nothing.

I definitely support this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats and to many more! :)

Congratulations. I'm pretty sure you will hit the 15,000 followers very soon

checking you out on youtube live congrats on 10 K

Multitasker much? You just commented on a post I just made on IG not like 5 minutes ago. Checking out your live stream live! Congrats on 10k sub bro!


Saw u upvoting this comment from yo live stream... technology sure is nice:)

Well done bro!! Congrats!


@trevonjb hello bro, I loved that trip to the Genesis Mining farm that was excellent!

In today's world people like are you are a gem my friend! Keep it up. Congrats!

Top guy as always bro

Congrats! :)

Congrats on the 10K on Youtube... did you see my twitter reply?

I want steem :D Upvote and resteem done! keep it up!!!

peace bredren!! congrats!

sheesh bro! 10k subcribers!? dude you're going global!


Miss the live stream but look forward to the next one!

Followed sorry I thought I was. Have a good night. Thanks.

Hey hey hey I watch you all the time. I don't have much on steem just started. You are rolling along great... Having fun with your new job.

Watching all your videos. Dude, your comments to pedestrians are hilarious. Keep stackin' or I'm gonna pass you lol...

MVP mah man! I'll say it here and I'll say it again, Way to GO @trevonjb! Always intuitive, always informative, and lookie here, generous too....You da Man!!!!!!!!! STEEM on mah brotha! -peaz


Yeah man always coming up with creative ways to keep the currency flowing.

And i missed it because i was sleeping...
But keep up the good work my man :)

Thanks for the steem you sent, Trevon. I wouldn't be here on steemit at all in the first place without you. Also you saying that my posts looked good means a lot to me.

I was going to say congrats on 10k but I'm not talking to you unless it's about intangible coins


you know, the ones you cant touch or... give away

your main stream!!!

This is what the YouTube chat feels like

Always doing for others @trevonjb

Hope all is well. I try not to miss any of your content.

Congrats on 10,000 Trevon. Was at work so couldn't watch live stream. Hopefully at 15,000. Keep doing you!

Watching, Good work. Replied, Followed, Following Upvote. Done and done..

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Congrats on 10k !! =)

Very nice!

that was fun tre keep on steemin bruh

Yo Yo ! Youtubeee

Yo @trevonjb, you can use the built-in market on Steemit to sell SP for Steem a lot faster than on Bittrex -

Congrats!🎉 watch LIVE NOW!

dont forget @sir_giddy you wanted to copy!


and congrats too!

Congrats on the 10K subscribers Trevon! You fully deserve it for all of your hard work every single day of the week. This STEEM giveaway is awesome - keep up the good work bro!

Congratulations...and thank you in advance!!💯😀

Congrats on 10k!

Happy 10k Trevon !!! I really liked your videos in Iceland btw.

Quality content! Congratulations on 10k. Onward to 20k sooner than later!

Hey bro congrats a been first on so many of your vids yesterday like everyone but most important your 10,000 subscriber vid hit me bro

Im on the live stream on youtube as well! Congratz to 10,000 Subscribers

Congrats man!)

I want more steem POWER XD. Big up notification squad

Or if you have already the youtube notification ;)
Congrats for the 10K dude

pick me

awsome work mate @midobudiarjo follow me Back pls!

I'm not on youtube, so i will just upvote you here! Congrats on the 10K!
cheers, tre!

I am live on both on youtube, and replying on Steem as well right now. congrats on your achievement! 10,000 is totally insane! I only just got past 100 myself the other day. lol

Congrats bro , good work!

Im watching just now live on youtube hahahah look at my coments there, your fan Cryptonyzed!! always following every video, youre fucking great

Congrats my man. Keep up the videos.

Thank you for giving back and for having so much fun doing it!

Ayyyy @trevonjb Congrats on the 10k! I followed as soon as I started Steemit, you were the first personality I've met who is laid back, does vids and has fun with their content.

You're a solid inspiration, keen to work on my own profile and hopefully follow in ya footsteps. All the best mate... I'm an Australian, I'm not cracking on you ;)

Blowing up Tre - love seeing your successful growth!

Hey first time tuning into the livestream

you should make a Google Sheet to keep track of everything

(sorry for the big text, just hoping you see it)

Awesome @trevonjb, I always watch your vids, keep it up brotha!

Congrats on 10k! Now the run to 100k begins. Always going to be a carrot out there in social media.

Thanks for being one of the few Black youtubers covering crypto ~ lemondrop

the Genesis Mining video brother!!c96ccdc9ff98447695b

Im fifth sir


Im watching you live now


The f*ck @trevojb im one of the first who watched and comment in you..i dont have upvotes.the heck

Que tal Trevon!!! Celebrare contigo, Saludos desde Venezuela!!! @trevonjb

Idc thanks you for your recognition.

Yo gratz on the 10k Subs well deserved :p

subscribed to your youtube channel since 5000 subs, please keep up your work and i will keep introduce you to my friends to use your referral!!

Hey trevon. Good to be with you today.

Lol, loving your live streem! Thanks for the free love! :)

Blessing to you brother! :)

Hey hey..

watching right now congrats man!

wow 81 comments already haha you really do know what you're doing

Trevon , I have been watching and learning as much as i can , i have found you to be a great resource

Why do you follow so few people?


I suppose whales don't need to look for fish, they just slide into his mouth.

Congrats man, I owe you for turning me on to steem!

shieeet 10k!!

I already followed you a month ago. lol

Congrats my man . . . you're well on your way to doing this

Congrats @trevonjb you've been very helpful bro

Congrats on your first 10K!

Congrats Tre!!!!!!


And thanks for the steem! You're awesome!

Watching that live!!


Passing out them free steem!!! like a true boss! #SaluteToYou

I would absolutely love some steem! followed, upvoted, resteem!