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This morning we discussed ponzi schemes and what classifies.


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You're definitely right about Control Finance having a nice website. It's better designed even compared to BCC website. Control finance seems like a Ponzi scheme. The commissions on their plan especially at the advance level appear to be just too large to sustain that scheme for a long a time.

If BitConnect is here end if next year you all are going to be pissed off! Well the people that havent invested init! Most ponzis are take ya bitcoin for silly hourly accumulative payouts that never come in the end. Bitconnect has somthing to offer. it has a coin that you buy with your btc! I only invest what I am not dependant on. do the same!

well said Williams! more guys like you need referrals!

Am small fry in this game haha. 😆

Ponzi schemes almost all end up in failure. The people who make the most money in them are the founders followed by the people who got in really early then cashed out.

Nice Video

I agree!

"Is it too late to join Bitconnect?"

"Yes. It too late to join Bitconnect."

All win.

No it aint!I got 4.3k in BCC https://bitconnect.co/?ref=williams858

Watch the video, understand the joke.

"....and it's gone!"

I totally agree with you BitConnect has a BlockChain and buy and sell orders list is long - so this makes for 50% of validation - now the trading bot is a question but if it pays lets just collect
anyways never invest more then you can afford to loose

I agree, also if the price of BTC continues to rise then it increases the longevity of bitconnect. If there was a way to view the trading bots trades that might help dispel some doubt.

Unless you want to outsmart potential Scam -
1 Deposit what you can afford to loose ( lets say $1000 )
2 in about 100 days Bot will pay that back in profits
3 withdraw $1000 you just made
and just play the rest of the game basically for FREE
this is my Plan :) https://bitconnect.co/?ref=xgrosz

"I got one question, does it have a blockchain?"

bitconnect does yes

Many Nigerians lost a lot in different ponzi schemes this year. I also lost alot. The search of other means of income as a student led me to Steemit after losing alot to Ponzis. I had to buy steems to power up though because i so much believe in Steemit. Resteemed

Bitcoin just surpassed it's all time high and this time it's fucking smashed it! W00P W00P

The amount of Ponzi Schemes in the crypto space is crazy. Keep it simple, buy the strongest assets and hold them!

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