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Im spending today at the Genesis Mining facility! Here are some pics and I will upload a video later!





Genesis are the present and future of crypto! Thanks @trevonjb for making it that more real! Did you happen to see the network for geothermal energy in connection with the geisers?

Woah! I did not know that GM was using geothermal to power the farm! Hell ya go greeen for cryptogreeen!

Indeed! I find this an admiring initiative!

holy fuck balls! love it man!!! thanks for sharing omg!!! hell yea man that is why i have been following you with your intangible coin talks! good on you mate.

King Tre!
proud of you

Lol. Fuck balls!

Amazing! Where is that farm located?

I believe this one is in Rejkjavik, Iceland

Thank you for this information.

Pretty much my first impression too! Looks great

@trevonjb thanks for sharing, it looks like a science fiction movie. Way to go!

Woah!!! This is really mind boggling setup. I thought that it would be huge but this is unexpected. The setup they have done is excellent. Good that you went there and shared pics of the Genesis Mining facility. Video is awaited...

amazing !!!

HAHAHA smeagle has called it "My Precious" so its officially legit now!

So dope, next we gotta get you over to wherever the hell BitConnect is operating out of, silence the haters!
Have a good trip and thanks for the love.

Watch out!!!! Deep in the mining cave 👍

so many servers

Coinbase needs this lol

Freakin' amazing mining center....HOLY MOLY!!!😁 It's gotta be cold in there right? Man, amazing photos! I wanna be just like you when I grow up! Lol. You're da man @trevonjb! Follow me @peazfulman. ✌😎🤙

I bet it was super noisy in there!!

Depend's on whether you could hear in the first place right. Time to hire some deaf tech geniuses to run that facility like true frigging ballers.

Wow! Just look at all that tech.

Man, this is so awesome. I'm super happy for you bro.

I think with these pics we can finally bust the myth of genesis being a scam. Hope you enjoy it there tre! You've gone places.

Its So pretty <3 Hope you are enjoying it! I'd love that kind of chance lol

i love the fact that they use geothermal energy supplies for powering all of that otherwise i'd be angry about creating more of a problem with climate change but using the earths heat mantel? HELL YES. i love iceland, you tried the street hotdogs yet? you gotta bro!

Wow!!! Look at you! VIP and everything!

HOLLY COW! is it hot in there?

Oh, that makes my Coin Digger very happy.

Holy crap! What do you think is their total mining output? have you heard?

Always nice to see some extra proof if our investments! Nice oppertunity and happy mining guys!

im very happy with Genesis mining as they haveETH,ETC, Augur(REP) and STEEM(since 24.5.17) for mining...(Ethereum contract) it at current prices.......

my question:
does anybody have problems with STEEM payout,as of today or may tomorrow too?????t looks as they have some start i stopped mining it and allocated it back to ETH and ETC and really big thing......a couple of dollars for a few days.....but just principles when you roll out a new thing,it suppose to work....shouldnt it????
i just want to know if other users have the same issue-problem??????????????
never had any other problems withGM,and their response team was quick and very helpfull all the time so far......
im still waiting on this issue................................................................................

otherwise im just a happy chap.....since i started with a tiny contract in Nov 2016.....just to make sure they are real....LOL....
i updated my hashrate so many times and have everything what you can mine in Genesis Mining and it is looking very good.........
payout daily,like my dedicated wallets....

Zcash is the only looser here in the pack..luckily i didnt load up to much......and i reckon,it doesnt matter on which cloud mining mob you are- choose/choosed a Zcash contracts......

btw i like the lifelong LTC contract with hashflare.....the negativ thing is you get paid in BTC.......peanuts.....not a big issue.....and daily fees....
i went with hashflare because it was all sold out in Genesis......the 2 year one........without fees......

....yes yes i know all about difficulty,block halving etc etc.......and there is no way i could buy my own rig,set it up etc etc....bla bla not based at one spot.....Australia,Asia and cloud mining is perfect for me......

im not daytrading either,done it with stocks,FX etc.....there are better things in life then stare at a screen and get crazy,nervous,sleepless nights because of an over investment and what so ever.... what did happen on the pullback a couple of days will happen again,no worries i can say that for sure......but i dont know when...

anyway .....not worth it....enjoy life ...the future is bright....

......happy mining and be happy to be one of the early birds who gets the worms...........cheers......

Fucking spot on. Most people including myself come to the realization that if we held what we bought we'd have way more now. Yet buying on dips is easy annesy concept to grasp. All in all though spot the fuck on bruh!


Dope! That farm looks bigger then I imagine! Nice

By the way, you are the reason why I found Steemit. Just started out after I saw a video on YouTube where you talked about Steemit. Bit thanks for sharing!


thanx @trevonjb

Such a badass! :)

Trevon should totally start his own mining farm!

Oh You didn't hear? Tre owns all the Terries at Genesis now lol He just moved in lol

hahaha he's probably going around with a USB snagging that crypto

Tre doesn't believe in hardware wallets ;)

If I were him, I'd suddenly believe in them, haha ;)

JUst has my bday money paid into my account. Time to buy some contracts I think

Damn you should take genesis as your next job opportunity ! =D


Great job...

I like you trouser 😀😀😀

Yo, that looks like fun man! As always Thanks for getting me into cryptos!


Wow man that's amazing! I can't wait to see the video

I take my hat off to those people. That must take a lot of effort maintaining those machines!

thats great

You made it!

Isnt it loud in there?

Enjoy it big money

Wow! Cool Tour Pictures ~ You could get tangled in all those wires there must be a million connection...

WOW! That is very interesting thanks @trevonjb

Get The Video Up ASAP @trevonjb !!! wana see where all that bitcoin, ethereum, dash and monero comes from.

wow ... friend this photo is really awesome ...i like it a lot and also this girl ..hehe sry dont mind guys

Thanks for showing us the brain and work horse.

It should be made obvious in your post that most people call it a scam and you can find lots of proof about it on the internet, look at comments in this post: or here:

I'm coming to this mining !

Holy shit, its an awesome huge mining place @trevonjb , you participate in it and getting nice profits I suppose ?

Awesome, great work!

Awesome keep us updated :)

I would upvote this five times if I could! I love that you took this trip to do research for you, and everyone else. This makes me feel so much better about my nearly 900.00 investment. Thank you!

Awesome computing power

The world has sold out of Graphics card and @trevonjb just found out why lol!

that is a big farm!! good work

This is great brother - looking forward to seeing your video update.

Me too! That place looks like a crazy maze. Would love to see a walk-through of it.

Quick! Steal some bandwidth and mine some Steem! Great pic Trevon :) Steem on in Icelandia!!

Oh snap you made it inside the Genesis mining farm - it looks incredible. Great job of taking these photos and allowing us to be there vicariously with you! Looking forward to your video later today - keep warm Trevon and soak up every minute at Genesis mining!

You found the matrix!

Wow! Amazing mining farm they have. Rare pic of trevon full body.

Great move going out there and sharing your experience bro! Definitely a plus for the legitimacy of the whole mining community !!

Osum dude...By the way how many regs are there....😂😂

genesis mining will go long time for sure

hehe well done bro ! I can see my setup mining just behind you :D

Something about your brown face, natural hair and "peace sign" standing on the edge of the world and the edge of technology that is very encouraging. Thanks for being brave enough to try what people called a "scam" and believe in new revolutionary venture.. You deserve all the benefits of your risk and investment over the years.

Looks nice to see how Genesis-mining actually works. When you just see the website without seeing these pictures, it just feels like the coins are being created from nothing but apparently not :)

Awesome man

By the way, this is the genesis contract analyzor template I was writing in the chatbox in the live stream.

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A Bitcoin factory :)

That's an awesome gif right there

Thing of beauty :)

This would piss off a lot of genesis haters lol

That's really "cool!" Is it really cold as ice up there?
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Genius mining! Oh my God. It is really real! When I was young, I think that they are scam and do not have a real location! Thank for your efforts and photo to show us they are not scam! I increased my confidence about it! I will invest some money on it!

Can you FEEL the coin in the AIR?

kaBOOM! Real deal Holyfield!

That's awesome Tre! Good move by the Genesis Team to invite you to the Intangible Coin Cave!

Thanks @trevonjb , for sharing awesome pictures. You are doing exceptional job by clearing our doubts about Genesis mining.Keep up the good work.

Good stuff mate, thanks for sharing :) This just another confirmation for everyone doing business with them!

she's pretty

Tre would you resteem my last post? It's about a petition I found on for Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, to have begin to accept bitcoin and litecoin as payment.

you inspired me lol - just used your code to upgrade sha256 :)

please use mine if you upgrade - oxP5g4

please upvote my comment and posts too lol :)

That's awesome Tre!

HELLZ YEAH showing the next evolution and success, MAKE THAT INTANGIBLE COIN, that place is crazy, LUCKY BASTARD


What's the total amount of hash power in all of their facilities?!

That's a dream right there all that computational power i wonder what the hash rate of all that is?!!!

damn that girl can get it

I upvoted and followed 😁

I liked very much what I saw in your profile very good articles, thanks for sharing I hope to continue enjoying your success articles and congratulations again.

That is sick! Great marketing idea getting you to come to the farm.

I like those mining facilyties from genesis mining. they are so big and i want to have one mining facility like this one too.
is this a mining farm in usa or one in iceland?

Woah!! I wonder how many graphics cards they have

Wow! That looks great, thanks for sharing @trevonjb. Cant wait for the video!

You preach Steemit more than anyone I know. I've been putting it off for far to long. It took you, Dollar Vigilante, and Craig to really jump start my Steemit journey. Im blessed to have ran across your Youtube channel. Every video you upload truly gives me the needed knowledge to progress and to set myself up for success. Seeing you in Iceland for the FREEEE has just fueled my desire even more! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for the Crypto community!!! The community could really use more KINGS like you! Stay Blessed my Brother.

Damn, it really does exist!!
You the man, @trevonjb

How does it feel being out of the country? Awesome pics!

OH MY GOSH!!! That is incredible!!!! My mind is blown!!
How freaking amazing that you experience this in person!!