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The crypto market is taking a nose dive today with the steem price falling to $1.50 and possibly lower later. So below I have listed the steps of how to win in this market.

Step 1. Send Bitcoin to Bittrex

Step 2: Wait for lowest possible steem price

Step 3: Buy Steem

Step 4: Power up Steem

Step 5:


Trevon and I bought the dip. Did you?

I have upvotes for the fearless Steemians who powered up in the last 12 hours.

I bought some more 2 hours ago :) ... just about $500 worth of steem in the last 24 hours. lol



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I want to buy 250 Steem for 2 days. But I have problems with my bank account and coinbase takes a long time to set up. I am totally new to cryptocurrency and studied the topic for over 2 weeks now. I'll take the risk and buy Steem, because I think this is the best investment and I believe in Steemit. I hope the transaction process will be completed the next days.

I'll check back in a few days and send you an upvote if you follow through.

Thank you! The current status is setting up the coinbase account by adding the bank account. The money transfers take several day. I hope I have my Steem at the end of the week. Cant wait to get it :)

Hi Robert, the Steem Power is on my account now. You can check it out.

Cool, thanks for reminding me. Just gave you a juicy upvote! Keep Stackin'

Thank you so much!!! That helps me a lot!

It's an honour to get a meep from the famous meep guy (or girl)?)!

Thank you!

Today's been great. Buying the dip.

JUST BUY THE FUCKING DIP ^^ watch the video in my article haha

SORRY GUYS .. Why do we power it up though?
Whats that part???

What else are we buying,, when shorting the bitcoin breakouts these next few do we grab down on steam? fiat? or which other alts?

Whats the word! help !

I want blood too

You convert Steem into Steem Power in order to have voting power in the network. The more Steem Power (SP) you have in your account the bigger vote ($) you have. That is where all the $ amounts are coming from next to peoples posts and comments. I upvoted your comment, because I have the ability to do so, because I have invested in SP. Make sense?

Don't you also get some % of Steem based on how much SP you hold?

Wow. And then bow do we grow that steem investment? Holdng forever? Whats exponentially better about holding steem or some other alt?

How do i conver the little bit of posting steem i got in my account to steem power?

The best thing for you to do is type each one of these questions into the search bar and it will pull up multiple articles explaining each.

Have are we playing the moves in and outs of the bitcoin resistances ?

great article i just love your blog


i think steem is interconnected with bitcoin, when bitcoin is coming down, steem also joins the party, but your tips might save a lot of us out here on the community @trevonjb

hi friend please follow me right now im following you.


What other alts you grabbing?

Haha so wise! Now we'll see how many listen!!

WIN WIN!!! I refuse to sell anytime this year... all power ups all buys all day

Never sell. ALWAYS buy.. ;)

Wise words. Hard in practice seeing all red.

Steem will never be this low again.

Damn @trevonjb you make it seem so damn easy! im riding XBC on poloniex to get free STEEM!!! last 2 days been real greasy but XBC killin it

Only 3k XBC coins for sale on polo??? let that shit hit under 2k and its gonna moon like a mufugga

It is easy when you want more.

Couldn't agree with you more @trevonjb...use the recent pull back to your advantage and buy Steem.

Following your lead Trevon. Exactly what i'sm doing. Hey , Maybe I'm catching on to this Crypto game. I had it planned out just like you outlined. Helpful post for everyone. Winning strategy. Steem Power all the way. Go Steemit!

Got me some more steem at 0.00062336. I couldn't pass it up! Your right Trevon it's a win!

Good choice!


Look at the prices, everything is on sale! The only decision is which coin to buy?

Have been waiting for it to go down and now when it's down I'm waiting for it to go down even more, man I'm never satisfied, lol

Buy small chunks to defeat that issue.

Ah! Smart :)

I wish I would have more money, so I can invest in more Steem.

Now if Poloniex would allow me to withdraw my steem, I could power up even more. But no, disabled for days. Did anyone get an estimate from Polo on when we can expect to withdraw steem again?

Dont use poloniex anymore...

I already switched to bittrex with most of my trades. I bought those Steem on polo a while ago.

This is some good advice! Gonna follow these steps! Wish me luck!

Buy the dip gentlemen buy the dip.

Tre keeping it 100, Watched you video on YouTube as well, stay up bro

Steem is on sale today! Perfect!

thanks tre your always looking out for crypto world

No problem!

loved the good tip along with the humor

Also, trevonjb - this made me think of the south park episode. STEP 1. steal underwear. STEP 2. ? STEP 3. PROFITS! lol


haha, nice little post!

Trevonjb, that is true and i appreciate your concern and the post to keep us informed, lets hope that it will soar up in near future and let us just keep steeming. Keep us posted.

LOL... Any idea why this price drop today?

Great news as Steem Dollars have gone up by almost 10% to $1,78 surpassing Steem price-wise.

I believe you have a great plan! Looking forward to using it!

Yeah market is down since yesterday and it's a grate opportunity for everyone to get some gains.

For a beginner in steem ( 1week ), u think that it's more profitable to invest in steem power than just hold BTC and sell it in like 1week or invest it in HashPower ( Genesis ).

To be honest its a great idea. Buy now be happy later.

Thank you Capitan!!

Thanks and where do you look at your charts?

Good luck for everyone!
Do you think that steem goes down to 1 dollar or less?

So glad to see you are back to dropping gems related to trading content. We love you in this capacity. Keep it up bro. I've made a sizable amount of money following your advice, I go as you go!

Your thinking is great

like when you said in last video if it drops 15% in a day probably good time to buy for a bounce. Thats how i trade DASH and STEEM but i keep to the well known top 20 cryptos

Have a look at Steemit's Alexa Rank, Upward Trending Chart

And decide for yourself whether Steem is a buy or not?

Whoop whoop, it's the big summer crypto sale! 🍾 Get in line and make some investments for a brighter future people!

Nice man! This is so true. People tend to panic when prices fall but that's when you need to buy! There's a reason over 90% of investors lose money. Take advantage of these lower prices because they won't be here for long.

Great post !
Ok I need help so I follow you, please foolow me to increase my tokens from steemit.
Vote Up or you can see my last post and why I need.

good infographic. Encourage to see this as a dip and that's a good meme on how-to.

You are either LONG crypto, or you are trying to play the time the market game. LONG - you will WIN. play the time the market game - you will LOSE.

Damn, trevon! Making big moves on steemit!

I think a great opportunity to increase my Steem Power :)
Thanks for the news!

Please what is the ratio of steem to steempower........if i buy $100 of steem it and power up, how many steempower will i get? Please help with the info

You are a treasure keeping us informed what is good to do so it is in our favor.... keep up the great posting

lol, it would be great if we could actually know what is the lowest price before it start to come up again :)

Round numbers. I knew $1.50 would be a good buy price.

I am still learning about all this, not gonna lie, I find it confussing lol) still I am a deter ---mined girl and will get there. :)

Lol wtf... ending made my day :DDDDD

So basically you are saying: BUY ALL THE STEEM!!!!

Is the bottom in? It might be...those were some deep candlesticks with a sharp turnaround

Thanks, this is some good advice you post here. A lot of the people, that day trading do not know this.

Buy when there is Blood in the streets

if everything is down, you can just wait until it goes up again..

Anyone know why i cant withdraw from Poloniex

Because they are a scam

RED NUMBERS EVERYWHERE!! o.o and Coinbase is down!! what else do you need to start buying? ...oh wait.. I need money....

I dont trade as I dont think I am very good at it to be honest, however your advice appears to be sound. I will just stick to blogging away for my coins and buy if the price goes down a little further. Thanks for the info I believe its a good guideline. buy buy...thanks boss

Idea is not to panic.... Like Mr. Buffet always say...

Be Greedy when everyone is Fearful.... Be fearful when everyone is Greedy... :)

The man with patience will win... Happy steaming :)

Just click the buy button now, whole market down. Itll flip back tomo

"Candle stick looks like a red pepper 🌶 ".
I feel you on "don't trade". Patience, vision and experience are skill sets. You talk my language @trevonjb. 🔥

This is what I've been doing today :)

Good idea to go out of bitcoin and go into steem

Excellent strategy is to buy in RED and sell in GREEN

I definitely consider this a sale day! BUY BUY BUY

i am taking your advice.. thanks

Sounds pretty good, only problem is whether you have free bitcoin 'lying around' :D

Nice... I will do this..

WOULD never of thought of doing that. Soon it imeediatlet when I get home!!

Steem is on sale now. BUY! BUY! BUY!

Monday Red is the new Monday blues. Buy! Get your hands on those coins!

Time to buy........

I've bought my first steem ever for a while ago. At 1.53! I hope it was a good time to invest. It's at 1.61 right now, so still in profit. I'm planning to hold them for a long time, so I'm quite confident that it's a win. :)

Yep. Its a simple mantra: Buy more Steem. If the price dips, buy even more Steem. If the price goes up a little, buy some more Steem.

WoW what a great post!!! upvoted!

definitely a buying opportunity , bought some just now !

god post..learnt something here..keep it up

Just had a pampa sbd. Vidimo, everyone ran to buy :)

Surely the best advice I've seen today!

if only I know :(

Ok amazing. Thank you so much for this. You're inspiring to follow.

Good work man! Up voted and following
Do the same with me

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ays he i

Good luck for everyone!
Thx for the advice

We is all winners if we follow this plan. So many in this community get this. Hang on to your hats and let the good times roll!

Once again Trevon you hit it right on the money - this is a great time to get even more STEEM now that is well below $2 and hold that all in STEEM Power. I'm doing exactly just that with Bittrex and can't wait for the inevitable rise on pump day (might be this week on hump day ha!).

Very helpful post with great explanatory graphics, especially informative for newbies who don't yet how to use an exchange to buy more STEEM and then convert it to STEEM Power. Keep up the good work @trevonjb and let's keep stacking that intangible STEEM!

Time to buy and become rich!

Thank you. Great

Thanks! Bought some aswell

Sure!! Everybody is panicking on all altcoins dip, but I see oportunity and low prices to get a good stock!! Patience is needed and the trust that comes from knowing what comes ahead.

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Guys, the rebound is likely temporary. We should be ready for more downside. So don't spend all your bullets here. Stack your Steem coins as it goes down.

Our future is in cryptocurrency!

Really helpful tip thanks man

I bought more Steem power when it dropped to 0.00066 btc

I think this decline is an outstanding buying opportunity. The ETH flash crash on GDAX scared a lot of investors and given that most ICOs are based on Ethereum this has triggered aftershocks.

Having said that I would be cautious about purchasing Steem as opposed to earning it due to the inflationary mechanism Steem has.

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