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It's been a few nights but I'm back with the nightly coin count. Today I dumped 2.04 BTC but not out of panic. It's just that time of the week.


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I've been counting my own coins as we've been missing the count of the daily counting of coins on the daily coin count. Please keep bringing us the coin counts, so we can count our coins and you can count your coins, and we can see who had more coins to count.


Haha. Awww man that one was good I love the funny humor in his personality when he makes these videos


You just said my mind, cool personality


i love to count too please connect me

yo trevon its against tos of youtube to show earnings on youtube might not want to show that.

Doesn't make sense to reinvest anything less than $1010 because of the .1% bump. Mine as well wait every few days and take the extra interest and the shorter loan term.


Great point! See, I don't think of everything.


Trevon, it's not completly true what your saying in your video. The reinvestment of 220 you did in this video is gonna be a new loan, with corresponding interest. It's not compounding like you showed in the excel-sheet, it doesn't work that way. Please take a look at your lending wallet, you can see for yourself what i'm rambling about. It's something people tend to forget when counting their coins.
So with that in mind it's more profitable if you reinvest like @artbysua says!

There! I've done it, my first steemit post!


That is the best way to see things . don't think of everything!

It's good to hear your coin counts each day. I just got a lot more Steem in last couple days myself. I think this new compound strategy you have for BCC is a good way to gain large gains over time.


Nice post I just got a lot more Steem in last couple days myself

Nice post, Please keep our coins count, so we can count your coins, and we can see who has more coins to count. thank you for sharing.

It,s regular standard transaction, that's good.

buy because it makes sense, sell when you need fiat, no time for the hype just do what ya gotta do to keep the machine moving!

Cashing out is very underrated. I know not too many people do it but it's a good idea to take profits once in a while.

@Trevonjb is Bitconnect still a good investment as you and Craig have made it out to be? I went in under Craig's recommendation and referral but am not to sure it was a good idea based on what I'm reading. Did you and he do a due diligence on the investment of any sort? Thanks, post upvoted and resteemed.

Not trying to tell you what to do but its not smart to dump Bitcoin now or any crypto right now. This is one big bear trap. I have many reasons.

Sells and buys are smart as long as it's not motivated by fear or excitement.

just gotta buy and hold, is the only way you will beat this market


say that again. Im taking advantage of this cheap market.


Holding is good, but if you learn how to trade effectively, you can still make a killing in this market.

Hey man great video. And I'm glad you gonna stop with all that hate ...the way I see it is any fame is still fame...so fuck it.....and yes you have inspired me to somehow become successful in crypto (with out spending money witch is my goal) if at all possible as you have congrats

Exchanged all my btc( which is not much) to USD. Waiting patiently for btc to go down further than enter all the alts of my chioce at a very discounted price and HODL. All this going down close to August 1st

Damn you banking, living off that crypto. I remember when you quit your gob and you started living off the crypto.

Main you are the man. Your videos be on point and you always giving away game and free steem. Keep on doing what you doing man.

I need to get going on my account. Good time to grab some

What's your buy on steem? I'm thinking if we go below 50 cents I'm trying to buy. Craigs eyeing 20 cents, but I dunno about that.

Glad to see the triumphant return of your Coin Count. Excellent explanation of how you're taking advantage of compound interest on BitConnect to keep stacking USD there, which you can put into Steem or withdraw to your account.

LOL at the haters bringing up your revenue on YouTube - any publicity is always good for business!

Keep doing these awesome videos and we always support you 100% Trevon. Have a good night and see you tomorrow in the Live Chat!

No, no dumping, I am holding whatever I bought, especially because I bought high and dumping it would only hurt. So I am in it or a long run.

My god! I wish to be at this level very soon.
Nice motivational video.

I love the cartoon version of you! Is it modeled on the way you look in real life?

bitcoin ? that;s a bit of a coin...

I guess that can't be helped though.. we all have experience it

Never watched one of your videos the whole way through until i saw this post on Steemit. Thanks for sharing!
Aren't you concerned about having a whopping 89k steem on your account? Do you hold any currencies kn cold storage?

What are your thoughts on bitconnect being a SCAM?


My thought with bitconnect is same with other HYIP. With daily average of 1% return, anything you invested in will need to break even in 100 days (more than 3 months). Before that 100 days, anything happens with bitconnect, your money will be gone. That's why people who has invested in bitconnect, they are trying hard to get other people to join under them so that the refferal money will short cut the 100 days break even time line. As always in this Internet Money business, invest only what you afford to lose and don't put all your eggs in the same basket. Just my 2 cents and my first post on steemit . Cheers :)


Well I really appreciate your answer! Welcome to steemit. I homered to be you first contribution. Steem On! If you would like some good advice about a few unofficial rules to make your steemit experience smooth please check out my recent post titled "Taboo Rules on Steemit"


Thank you and very much appreciated. I will check on your post and follow you on Steemit.

1.89% tomorrow in BCC!!!

Just a heads up. Cloud mining has never been profitable. If you purchase cloud mining from genesis, you will lose about 30% compared to just buying bitcoins. The reason for this is because difficulty gets adjusted every 2016 blocks and it pretty much always increases. That means that a fixed amount of hashing power (1 TH/s for example) will receive an ever decreasing reward.

You wont make a profit, you wont even make your money back. So, if you want bitcoin just buy it instead and don't waste your money on cloud mining.


Agree. I looked at it a month ago and then did the homework. Even at inflated GPU prices it is FAR more efficient to set up your own rig for $2500. Hell, if they don't defuse the difficulty bomb(since PoS isn't coming, idk why it's still in place....) but anyway, you can switch to several different currencies to mine at any point with your own rig.
So long as you're looking at the long run and understand it's not a get rich quick scheme. I really don't like seeing those links to genesis for the "3% off" bullshit. It just makes me trust that person even less. Call me crazy.....
Have a good one man


The sad thing is that many newbies are going to look at trevon making all this money, see that promo and sign up to get ripped off.

Good post for buyers of genesis mining.

I've been wanting to get into bitconnect, but many crypto sites wont allow Americans to use their site and American banks cant buy most cryptos.

My god! I wish to be at this level very soon.
Nice motivational video.

I started on bitconnect just a few weeks ago Trevon after seeing your video, with only 100 dollars im building slow using the reinvest twice and withdraw once theory so i have 25 percent of my investment back already, its only smalltime compared to what you do but thanks for letting me know about it, and you are a constant source of inspiration \o/

hi,I voted you,back.me.

Good job.

Nice post

Nice Dump Trevon :D
Pretty sure the market will decline again in the next few days.

More counting! I like seeing what you are doing with your coin counts. I am counting my coins, but There needs to be more coins...lol


My god! I wish to be at this level very soon.
Nice motivational video.

extreme trevon! what do you think about segwit2X and the forking situation?

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Nice to see a success on Steemit.

wow great post really like your content!

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all you people dumping are causing it to fall. Hold it!

Thank you very much!!!!! i had not yet heard of BitConnect... i really like this interest idea! great job just ReSTEEMED this video... hopefully other newbies like myself can keep learning... GO TREVON

Successfully picked the bottom :)

I always like watching your YouTube video you are a good motivator

I feel my brain swelling with knowledge after i watch your vids. Thanks for quality content Trevon

Hi Trevon just watched your video on making 20 bucks daily, i like your humor so much, i need you to help me make some good bucks on steemit cos i dont have a source of income now. I am going to spend time everyday commenting and upvoting your posts.

Just way ... the cryptos will rise again!

Very informative and informational post. Really appreciate the transparency regarding your postings as it is very helpful to those of us who are new to this and other similar platforms. I've been on Steemit a few weeks and trying to navigate how best to make money on it. Thanks for your help!

nice post brother

Yo Trevon! Nice video as usual! I love listening to your video. You're really good.

I was wondering what is the best way to talk to you in private. I send you a pm on the official chat if you have time.

excelente post bro!!

ehh just watched ur vid about steemit on youtube! help me get sign up! thx man ur awesome <3 following u on steem too now

Your posts are significant, but you er also a funny guy!!! Keep up