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Feeling good....Feeling good. Here's tonights Coin Count. Hopefully you counted more counted coins than the counted coins I counted.....counted.


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Dude you are so freaking funny.
"Hopefully you counted more counted coins than the counted coins I counted.....counted."

I cant believe you sold all your bitcoin i guess its a great time to get in steem but i think a bad time to get out of bitcoin


He could probably earn those bitcoins back in one month just by liking his own posts.

Great coin count. Wow, that's impressive. Can't wait till mine is like that. The journey of anticipation. Can you imagine, $10.00 Steem.

Not a bad idea to buy some steem power...I think everyone should do that!

Wow that's a real bold move! Do you think steem will grow from there in the near future? @trevonjb

I'm wondering if you gonna cop LTC or not, speak on that, you didnt grab cheap dash, but are mining it still, hope you diversify and pick some up!!!

ima try to make the live stream tomorrow to ask u in person!!! been waking up late since i quit working, just enjoying life rn!!!

now that you are not saving the btc might as well use the blocktrades address for payouts on genesis so you dont pay 7$ in fees every day with exodus.

I'm trying to keep up. But that's not working out this way ;). Get to that 100k soon. And keep on blogging because It's entertaining and I get to learn some things still.

From your video before, if you think the IRS can tell the difference between this and bitconnect you are sadly mistaken. We are in the land of oz man, no one will understand why a post is worth so much. It could be worse then bitconnect, with them understanding, lol! Just saying, good luck in the future!

Bro you went all in on STEEM! Hell2DaYeah! That is a baller move and I think its gonna pay out for you! I am trying to catch up to you and Craig, but I am way behind, but I am not gonna give up!

Would be nice to see you sport this shirt! Steem on playa.

Mens Crypto Apparel: Steem To The Moon T-Shirt Large Black


That shirt is dope.


It is!

I remember you telling us you were going to get rich off crypto back in the day, and here you are now making it do what it do! Much props from one brotha to next. I lowkey follow your moves sometimes.

BALLLLLINNN!!!! I'm trying to be like you!

That 3 BTC to steem conversion! Doing it big brother, I'm following!

Keep the vids coming, too damn funny haha. I counted lol

Awesome Job Man! Now tell me, do you love your job? :)

Congrats bro.

Wow, your earning going good, and it's increasing.

It motivates a lot. Thanks :)

Great job! As always you did a great post! Resteemed it! Keep the great work!

Congratulation buddy.
good luck.
I love all your posts .

Damn Tre playing to win haha

Good choice Trevon! Steem gonna explode soon.
Congratz on your daily payments

That is epic. Proud of you!

Nice loopdiloop business you got going on there man.

An addition to what you are doing with converting to steem power, I suggest beginning to delegate Steem Power to Voting bots to vote on your posts.

I know it is not necessary, however, there are bots that resteem your posts as well.

An extra line of income through Steemit shhh super secrets.

Keep it up bro. Let's climb to the top

it's been a hard day : )

@trevonjb - First off - you are the man - green eggs and ham sam I am you are the man - on the real - trevon I see you all day err day out there hustling up free marketing money and you sincerely do have great content. Please keep helping us noobs with the advice and numbers to help us succeed. Keep making that money bro!!

@trevonjb always broadcasting positive vibes and cakin' these cryptos. shout out for making me believe the dream of steem

Keep stacking!!

Why are you putting all your eggs in the steem basket? Bitcoins gonna be worth more than 3000$ and Your gonna be crying, Also quit promoting the ponzi scheme Bit connect. Didnt you learn from Jerrys mistake?

Interesting, your willingness to take new approaches is refreshing. Good luck out there, looking forward to follow up videos.

Your the reason im on steemit!!! i was hoping you was gonna use my code in this video lol. "HWhCeF"
got craig-grant to use it. now my goal is to get you #goals


It's only temporary hun...I mean bruh ---we are ALL #OnTheWayUP

you always make good videos. I've been following you since you quit the job. keeping posting that content Tre.


Congratulations, good job!

Wow, hoping someday will count that many coins. Great post man. Cheers.

straight staking bro! I didn't count nearly the amount that you count.


Wow, that's impressive!!!

Congratulations and success!

good on you :)

Killing it trevon! Your youtube is what brought me to steem! Keep counting :)

aye homie @trevonjb !

I used that Genesis Mining promo code!

feeling good about DASH / X11 today :)

here's mine for the live video if you could pull it!

thanks again.


Wow! I'm impressed, congrats on your earnings and enjoy them!

Awesome..Keep the vids coming ...

My DUDE.....#ICan't....

I love watching the coin count I really enjoyed the bit where you counted those coins I also counted my coins today not as much as you though!

Congrats! Wow I'm guessing the wife doesn't mind that you left your job now lol Nice job.

@trevonjb you are doin just great. Keep the good work and weldone.

Bro, your a steemit OG, you could get to 1 million steem power. Your gonna be at 100k in no time bro. Shoot for the stars!

There's a chance you might use my code lmao

Lol. You are the god of Steem.

@trevonjb if trev is doing it we all should take a little risk and invest more in steemit

Give steem some time,And within a year you will be happy.
Like many who have invested in steem
Keep making videos,I will certainly look at all
your new friend

fuck you trevon

BOOM!! Things are going well dude...congrats!

Counting coins until your head drops off lol

wow pretty cool ha

Brother you are funny LOL!

Good Job!, I just joined Bitconnect with $600, I will actively reinvest every $10 to increase my final value, I am excited to start seeing my ROI of tomorrow!. Your video of Bitconnect was the thing that finally convinces me to invest haha.

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WOW...! All I can say is wow.
What was your motivation and what made you decide to switch to all Steem Power?
Thank is a lot of coinage. I'm still in my infancy with digital currencies but I am looking forward to getting some forward progress towards your coin count.

Good point, people can relate to earning money through blogging. Keep up the good work..except for BitConnect - that one is shady!

keep going Trevon

Nice Post bro! Nice earning! I hope in next year we will share a table for drinks.

A very respectable haul today too - any time you earn more than $1000 in one day, you're gonna have a good time! Of course, after yesterday's haul, you'll be looking forward to many more 3 BTC days! Keep putting all of that BTC into STEEM Power - best strategy in the game right now!

I just won an auction organized by neoxian and got 2k delegated SP. Super excited but now even more inspired by your videos to keep building that Steem Power to get even more powerful upvotes woooooo! Thanks for the Coin Count Tre - see you in the morning bro!