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This morning I went live from my hometown Greensboro North Carolina and talked crypto with my YouTube subscribers. We talked about everything from Hardware wallets to Verizon cell phone service.


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Shout out to Greensboro, NC! I used to live there for 8 years.

Watching it now on YouTube and no dislikes. Looks like you've killed those trolls.

sorry man today i missed your live

I think most people are looking for your views on Alts but as you are making so much with Bitconnect and Genesis not much incentive for you to do it.

@trevonjb Today I noticed that Genesis mining added so I can fill in Steem wallet and "mine" steem. I am a newbie to steem so can you or anyone here tell me what to fill as a steem wallet in genesis?

I have also been trying to teach a friend about mining and crypto currencies.
She is new to the space so if anyone want 3% off there mining purchase and help her get started, feel free to use her mining code:


Would be much appriciated, we need to help each other in this space so we all can prosper.

yea homey go to ur wallet and try to buy steem, you can switch it to BitShares, so glad I bought @ 4000 a few days ago when i seen that, gonna be way easier to get that Hero level now!!

How do you fight the temptation to go all in into Bitconnect?


by watching my portfolio on polo grow like a weed that i then smoke and get lifted from....

I like this post.

Howz the mining going on dude?....have you tried this pool mining site? Seems to be legit...your thoughts?

Good morning! I like your thumbnail😂. Your video thumbnail always very funny!

is it worth it just to stake bitconnect tokens?


I'm staking a few tokens myself. I haven't been doing it long enough yet to get an interest payment, but with the continued upward pressure on the price of the token, makes it seem like it could be a very profitable approach.

Bitconnect and Steem will make all your dreams come true.. just trust the platform and stay invested.. the way Bitshares have grown today, it is very postive news for Steemit, it will explode exponentially like Bitshares.

Go Greensboro....I lived there for about a year. I liked it!

Time for some good ol' intangible coin talk! I usually get up late on weekends so your weekend morning videos are usually afternoon videos for me ;) I have been mostly STEEMing and investing in cryptos, but it's good to see that you've had a lot of success with Genesis Mining and Bitconnect. Keep inspiring and making us proud Trevon!


he gets up WAY to early for me to watch live....
I just catch him when I get up.


That's his dedication to creating new and awesome videos for his Steemit followers that allows him to get up early every morning. Go Trevon!

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Makes me sad to see all the hateful comments on your current YouTube live feed. I appreciate all the time and energy you invested for your viewers. Thank you for all you do. I wish you and your family the best of luck!!