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in trevonjb •  14 days ago

Dude it is weird that Steem is not more popular. Its sad as fuck this platform is so under played. I don't fucking get it! I completely agree with your points though. Ill keep using steem even if the shit goes back to ten cents. Its just a great platform.

I think its EOS man. EOS is fucking with shit. EOS is fucking with ETH. Its fucking with Steem too. We need to see steemit 2.0.. TRYBE is basically already proven its being run by the mentally challenged sadly. These idiots are "proud to have reversed transactions" and shit.

PROUD?? Man I can see maybe saying they were were desperate and relieved they were able to do it. But they are acting like the token is fucking VBucks from Fortnight at this point...

I just need to see steemit 2.0 man. That's all I need. If steemit 2.0 is rocking a stable coin that actually is stable like tether then fuck man. If steemit 2.0 isnt running on World Of Warcraft gold coins. Then they are going to fuck some shit up.

But at this point I have no clue what to do.

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