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IMG_20180906_130623.jpgIMG_20180906_130818.jpgIMG_20180906_130637.jpgIMG_20180906_130642.jpgIMG_20180906_130709.jpgIMG_20180906_130717.jpgIMG_20180906_130725.jpgIMG_20180906_130758.jpg Seem to have gotten an infestation of caterpillars. It started in the yard next door. Last week I saw that tree full of cocoons. Within a few days the tree was stripped of its leaves, all eaten. I heard they migrated from down south and have migrated to mt yard. Thousands of them, eating the leaves off my over 40 year old rose bush, fig trees, tomato and pepper plants. Even eating the fruit and hot peppers, as you can see in the photos. Hungry little fellas...

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excellent photography! thanks for sharing

It's a great post. I learned a lot from the post.


happy you have, thanks

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They are eating and praying for you so that you can get more that includes their share :p