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in trevonjb •  6 months ago
From where I stand @steem-ua is the most suitable answer. It can provide a system of incentives for people to keep on keeping on. Why would anybody leave if there is a giant whale curating those who are engaging with each other? Why would people feel the system is broken, when they are seeing curation finally happening?

The distribution of the Steem Coin is a problem, but people being ignored is even a bigger problem than that. @steem-ua tackles both of those problems by making people want to power up and participate in it, and that is what we all want to see.

What actually said in here is pretty true.But there are more than one problem in Steemit. Many new people leave because they fail to get noticed by people and many leave because they fail to understand how everything works in Steemit.

The reward system of Steemit is mostly based on votes.I think that is the major source of problem.A content can't be judged only by the number of upvotes it receives,there should other systems to reward a post.I have seen many people getting rewarded writing poor content.I am getting tired to see that Steemit is place where many new people come with hope but then they decide to leave as nobody notice them.

People can buy UA here.They can receive votes from a group of people on the basis of mutual benefit.It is like I make you successful as soon as you join here and in return you vote me back and share some amount of your rewards.

The whole system of this platform is corrupted.It is full of flaws and mismanagement.Anyone who joins here with a good intention can't survive here for long unless they change their intention.

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