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Because I do care..

in trevonjb •  2 months ago

Hey Tre. I've been following you since before the whole Bitconnect thing went down. Lost a good bit there, myself. I was never willing to hop on the hate train and call you a scammer, because there's part of the human mind that wants to believe in things that are "too good to be true."

Besides, I could tell in your livestreams and YouTube videos that you had a good heart. You always did huge giveaways of daily BTC before everyone else started copying that. Even when they did copy it, they gave away much less than you did. People also forget or don't know that you came up from nothing by the sheer force of your passion for making YouTube videos. You were one of the earliest crypto YouTubers back when no one was doing it.

I'm proud of you for making this post and just want to say that I believe forgiveness is one of the most powerful things in our world. I know there are factions that want you perma-blacklisted and hell, maybe this comment will even get downvoted to invisibility for showing you support.

To be clear I'm not trying to just paint over everything and pretend nothing ever happened. But I think this gesture of yours is a good start towards repairing your relationship within the STEEM community. To anyone reading this, stop and think for a minute before you make a snap judgement—

Are you really doing the right thing by ostracizing one of the longest-standing proponents of the STEEM blockchain because he made some bad decisions in the past, for which he's apologized genuinely and stated the intention to work towards making up for?

Give him a chance to make things right.

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he wasn't giving away free bitcoin he was doing "giveaways" as marketing to recruit new members into the bitconnect ponzi

he initially mislead people into the scam claiming guaranteed profits and you still follow him?

if he wanted to make things right he would airdrop a majority of his ill gotten gains to his victims its well over $1.5million

how did you get there