ProCurrency (PROC): Now Trending +77.89% (24hr)

VTC Rally:

Price: $0.05
+106% (last hour)
+77% (last 24 hours)
+99% (last 7 days)

About ProCurrency:

Market Capitalization: $592,917.00
24 Hour Trading Volume: $9,567.09
Current Market Price:,
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What is POS Staking / Minting?

Staking, also known as POS (Proof of Stake) or Minting, is an alternative method used by many cryptocurrencies to secure the blockchain. Staking can be compared to leaving money in your bank account and receiving interest on the principle over time. Staking cryptocurrency involves leaving coins in your online wallet for a period of time (until maturity) after which these coins become an interest bearing asset.

A popular coin to stake at the moment is Bitconnect, offering up-to 120% rate of return per year through POS minting. Coins begin earning interest after 15 days when held in a Bitconnect-QT Wallet. Register for Free with Bitconnect to learn more.

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