Memetic (MEME): Now Trending +30.11% (24hr)

VTC Rally:

Price: $0.30
+11% (last hour)
+30% (last 24 hours)
+75% (last 7 days)

About Memetic:

Market Capitalization: $4,896,953.00
24 Hour Trading Volume: $5,713,090.00
Current Market Price:,
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About Altcoin Trends:

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What is Bot Trading (Automated Trading)?

Bot Trading is when a computer program buys and sells on an online exchange on behalf of an individual or company. Just as there are automated trading bots used within all the largest Financial exchanges around the world, there are also automated trading bots within the cryptocurrency world too.

Types of Trading Bots:

There are basically two types of trading bot models:

  • Trading bots (You Run Yourself): Running your own trading bot requires a degree of market knowledge, oftentimes computer programming knowledge and a strong stomach. This software is generally run from your home computer and makes automated trades on your behalf.
  • Trading bots (Done-For-You): More layperson friendly are trading bots run by established cryptocurrencies where the investor “lends” a fixed amount to be used by the investing bot to trade on their behalf.

Best Trading Bot for 2017****?

Hands down, based on the last year of historical performance, BitConnect is the best performing Bot on the Market. This trading bot is known as Bitcoin Volatility Software and has averaged approx. ~1% return on investment, per day (paid daily) by trading the volatility in the price between Bitcoin and the US dollar. Investment principal (full deposit amount) is repaid back within as short as 120 days and the user has the option of reinvesting both the principal and interest earned back into the system.

Bitconnect also guarantees positive returns on all trades. So if there happens to be a bad day on the market, the maximum loss to the investor is $0. Registered Users are able to see all past and historical trades. Daily earning range from 0% interest to over 2% rate of return on investment in a single day. Bitconnect holds a position within the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in the World by Market Capitalization of over +$1.5 billion dollars.

It’s important to note that volatility trading bots are more profitable the greater the volatility in the market. With the large swings in the price of Bitcoin as well as continued upward movement of Bitcoin against the US dollar, this trading bot continues to perform excellently as a passive investment for those new cryptocurrency.

More Info: Register at Bitconnect website to learn more

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