EcoCoin (ECO): Now Trending +44.5% (24hr)

VTC Rally:

Price: $0.15
+16% (last hour)
+44% (last 24 hours)
+76% (last 7 days)

About EcoCoin:

Market Capitalization: $155,223.00
24 Hour Trading Volume: $6,583.51
Current Market Price:,
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About Altcoin Trends:

Altcoin Trends collects and analyzes the movement of over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies to bring you only the best trending opportunities as they happen. These reports are published in real-time when our system detects a strong indication for continued upward price movement. These reports are an excellent resource for day traders looking for real-time notifications of trending Altcoins for more profitable daily trades.

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Is now the right time to Buy?

Determining when to enter the market and at what price depends largely on the investing strategy and plan you have in place. The attitude and approach to investing differs significantly depending on whether you are a long-term or short-term investor. An investor looking to hold for the long-term will likely make frequent purchases over a period of time with a view on holding the cryptocurrency for many years. This can be said of many investors holding Bitcoin at the moment. However, while the short-term investors will likely enter and exit the market over a very short space of time looking to take advantage of a short-term movement. So determining when to enter the market depends largely on your plan and strategy. Once that’s determined, it’s necessary to then determine the buy signal for that particular strategy (long-term or short-term).

What is a”Buy Signal”?

A buy signal is an event or condition that triggers an investor to purchase a particular cryptocurrency. Astute investors, traders and analysts can often “see” buy opportunities as they happen. Other investors rely on trading software (such as this Altcoin Trending report) to indicate which coins show strong potential for continued upward movement.

Regardless of the method used to determine when to buy, hold or sell a cryptocurrency – the day trader needs to have a well crafted trading plan and strategy that meets their specific needs to be successful. Depending on your plan and strategy, you may trade Bitcoin daily or simple hold it for the long-term. Same can be said for the Altcoins and the decision whether to day trade, sell or hold for the long-term. Having the right strategy in place is key to becoming successful in the cryptocurrency markets.

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