Curecoin (CURE): Now Trending +133.25% (24hr)

Curecoin (CURE):

Curecoin is a new SHA-256 based cryptocurrency with a big vision, that is – Curing Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, preventing viruses, and designing next-level of pharmaceuticals.Curecoin can be earned with both GPU and CPU. Folders use high-end GPUs and CPUs to fold proteins, earning a proportional amount of coins set-aside for their contributions. SHA-256 ASIC Miners could still get along by mining Curecoin as usual which will further secure the blockchain and the network.Whether you are heavily-invested in ASIC equipment or still have GPUs and CPUs, you can participate. Due to the nature of folding (diverse, constantly changing, not easily predictable), GPUs and CPUs will both always be relevant, so an investment in consumer hardware isn’t wasted. Curecoins go to three main areas: Folders, Miners, and Developers. The folders get 76% of the total coins (80% of the coins distributed per day). SHA256 miners get 19% of the total coins (20% of the coins distributed per day). 2% of the total funds are distributed to people who donated to project development. The other 3% is dedicated to Curecoin developers, and will be used for paying for development costs (such as hiring professional programmers, paying for infrastructure, etc.), and for giving back to the community (folding hardware giveaways, faucets, covering 0% mining pools, etc.).

VTC Rally:

Price: $0.52
+7% (last hour)
+133% (last 24 hours)
+118% (last 7 days)

About Curecoin:

Market Capitalization: $12,436,152.00
Genesis Date: –
24 Hour Trading Volume: $13,591,000.00
Current Market Price:,
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